Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
Rancho Santiago Trustee, John Hanna, pictured on the right

Dr. Mike Moodian has conducted more public records research into our elected Community College Trustees her in Orange County, and sure enough he has uncovered more disturbing findings…

The Rancho Santiago and Coast community college districts employ an Irvine firm named Townsend Public Affairs, Inc. Townsend calls itself a “public affairs” or “advocacy” group. What they really are is a lobbying firm.

Each district pays Townsend approximately $6000 per month. Townsend then helps the district “achieve public sector funding objectives with the State of California and the federal government.” They’re doing a lousy job at this.

Representatives of Townsend then give campaign contributions to district trustees.

In an era in which our community colleges are in crisis and we are facing trigger cuts to education if we do not approve a tax increase, our community college trustees waste our money by creating a kickback agreement with a lobbying firm.

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