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Santa Ana Gang Shooting

A man was shot and killed near El Salvador Park last night at the 700 block of North Western Ave., in Santa Ana, according to the O.C. Register.

The shooting was preceded by a question that often leads to violence – “where you from?”

The SAPD showed up at the scene and came across two unidentified males.  One of them, whose age has not been revealed, had gunshot wounds in his abdomen and lower leg.  He died at the scene.

The other man, an adult, had a minor graze to his lower body, from a bullet.  He was taken to SAPD headquarters to be interrogated.

Photo Courtesy of the OC Weekly
Photo Courtesy of the OC Weekly

Witnesses said that the two victims were riding bikes north on North Western Ave., near 7th Street, when a dark-colored vehicle pulled up and four people got out.

The four vehicle occupants asked the men on the bikes about their gang affiliation.  Then one of the men from the vehicle pulled out a hand gun and the bullets began flying.

The police don’t know how the victims responded to the gang affiliation question.

As you might expect the shooters got back in their car and took off.

The Santa Ana Police Department is investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact the department at 714-245-8665.

The shooting happened in Santa Ana’s Ward 5, which is represented by Santa Ana Councilman Roman Reyna.

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One thought on “Another senseless gang shooting kills a man near El Salvador Park”
  1. What is SAPD, to investigate senseless killing, there’s got to be continuous daily communication with the locals that these criminals are sought after & will be punished all them no will talk but you breath hard enough on there back ones bound to break cause no one’s going down for any one any more they’ve got to be singled out & made to know It’s only a matter of time & time us getting close SAPD’s got to put strategic plan in motion & put heart & Soul into to this one or it’ll be another loss cause no one really cares, we’ve got to start caring do our jobs best we know how society cries are unheard SAPD, listen respond d & react your community is up in arms now do something about it we will stand quite no more!

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