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Claudia Alvarez

“Claudia Alvarez, a trustee with the Rancho Santiago Community College District, says she is “strongly considering” a run,” according to the O.C. Register.

Alvarez, a Deputy District Attorney, spent several years on the Santa Ana City Council.  When she termed out she won a seat on the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education.

The O.C. Register also reported that Jose Solorio, who just lost badly to Supervisor Janet Nguyen in the General Election race for the 34th State Senate District, is not going to run for Nguyen’s seat on the O.C. Board of Supervisors.

Garden Grove City Councilman Chris Phan, a Republican, was the first candidate to announces for the First District.  He told the O.C. Register that he supports the creation of an Orange County Ethics Commission.  That should seal his fate as the OC GOP machine won’t tolerate any scrutiny of what goes on at the Orange County Hall of Administration.  Phan had previously admitted that he can’t raise money.  That will become an even bigger travail for him now.  (Although he is right about the need for such a Commission).

Phan, like Alvarez, is a Deputy District Attorney, but their boss, OCDA Tony Rackauckas, is not going to support either of them.  Rackauckas is backing a Democrat, State Senator Lou Correa, who also has garnered the support of Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.

One cause of major concern for Santa Ana residents is the homeless shelter that Nguyen voted to put in the middle of a poor Latino neighborhood around Normandy Street, in East Santa Ana. “Asked about the county’s unpopular plan to open a 200-bed homeless shelter in Santa Ana, Correa explained he’d balance neighbors’ concerns with the need for a year-round shelter,” according to the O.C. Register.

Santa Ana residents, for the most part, don’t want the homeless shelter to be placed in the middle of any neighborhood.  Correa’s squishy position on the homeless shelter could cause him votes in Santa Ana.

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7 thoughts on “Alvarez may run for the First Supervisorial District but Solorio won’t”
  1. When pigs fly. She isnt running. She’d know by now because everyone knew Jose wasnt going to win. Hell, Lou worked against Jose. Claudia cannot win & she knows it. She can only raise money frim Trade Unions and Bob Bisno.

  2. I certain that if Lou runs she would never run. I thought Claudia and Lou are friends. This may be a seemingly clever but not way to get more candidates in the race with the fake glance that some well known politicos are throwing in their hat.

    Claudia voters are Lou voters and Lou’s a little more popular.

      1. Team Mensa:

        Have you see Councilman David pre-election facebook picture with his girlfriend. I remember him saying he is a “lucky guy” Even, he knows she is too attractive for him it seems. The problem he is not understanding that she sees the councilman title and so long as his political career keeps going so will the hot girlfriend. Not hating but kind of funny that all his Latina friends(some mutual friends) say stuff about cheaters yet they are liking his picture with his hotter than his former wife girlfriend. Nice message to send to all the youth and latinas out there, when you personally make it anywhere on society’s levels you can upgrade those who loved you the most for something that your heart desires and threaten your children’s stability with a divorce. Terrible!

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