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Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez has launched her campaign website, for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Trustees.

Her endorsements are impressive.  They include:

  • Miguel Pulido Santa Ana Mayor
  • Loretta Sanchez U. S. Representative
  • Tony Rackaukas OC District Attorney
  • Dinah Nguyen Garden Grove Councilmember
  • Orange County Professional Firefighters
  • Lisa Bist former Mayor Pro Tem, Santa Ana
  • Paul Walters formerly Santa Ana Police Chief
  • Steve Jones Garden Grove Councilmember
  • Sal Tinajero Santa Ana Councilmember, former National Teacher of the Year
  • Larry Crandall Fountain Valley Councilmember

Click here to check out her campaign issues.

For the record, I have endorsed both Alvarez and Dave Chapel, for Area 5 of the RSCCD Board of Trustees.  No matter which one wins one thing is certain, the Usual Suspects’ candidate, Mark McLoughlin, is toast!

Here is Alvarez’ bio:

Claudia was raised in our community, having lived Santa Ana for over 30 years.  She attended our local public schools including Fremont Elementary, Spurgeon Jr. High and Santiago High School.   Although Claudia started her higher education career at Cal State Fullerton in biology, she soon realized that her passion to serve the public would best be realized by choosing a career in law.  By taking core classes at Santa Ana College concurrently, Claudia went on to  earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State University Fullerton, majoring inCriminal Justice with a minor in Political Science.  She earned her Juris Doctorate Degree from Loyola Law School and was admitted to the California State Bar in 1994.

Claudia took interest in public service early on, serving in many student organizations in high school, and being part of the Associated Student Board of Directors at Cal State Fullerton.   While in college, she also volunteered for crime prevention programs like the Orange County Bar Foundation’s Shortstop program and worked at the North Orange County court house.   Law school also provided public interest opportunities for Claudia, volunteering at the Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation helping victims of domestic violence and at the Conflict Resolution Center at Loyola Law School, helping the surrounding community resolve conflict.

In her professional life, Claudia has served as a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County for over 13 years.  She also continued to be active in many community organizations. She has been a mentor for the Puente (Bridge) and Hermanita (Little sister) Programs and has also assisted with gang prevention issues.  Claudia has served as President of the Hispanic Bar Association and as Vice-President of KinderCaminata, a program that introduces low-income kindergarten students to higher education through their local community colleges. Claudia has also been President of MANA (OC Chapter), a National Latina Organization and served as a board member of the Community Service Programs (CSP), an organization dedicated to serving Orange County residents through programs addressing issues in gang prevention, victim/witness, domestic violence, transitional housing and youth shelters.

Claudia was elected to the City Council in November 2000, re-elected in 2004 and in 2008 with over 78% of the vote.  In 2002, Claudia attended the Program for Senior Executives in State & Local Government at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and served as a delegate to Japan through the American Council of Young Political Leaders in October 2003.

Claudia has served as Mayor Pro-Tem in Santa Ana since 2007.  She also represents the City of Santa Ana on the Orange County Water District (OCWD) Board of Directors, currently serving as president.  Claudia also leads as Chair of the Public Safety Committee for many years and is a member of the Transportation Committee.    After twelve years of serving our community on the Santa Ana City Council, Claudia is termed out in November of 2012.

Claudia is grateful for the opportunities her education has provided.  She now looks forward to putting her experience to use by serving on the Rancho Santiago Community College District Board.  With your vote, she can work with you in strengthening our community colleges.

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9 thoughts on “Alvarez launches her RSCCD Board of Trustees campaign website”
  1. Ms. Alvarez is VERY well qualified and brings a lot to the table in terms of her willingness to stand up for what is right even if it is not popular. This will be another feather in her cap as she continues to gain experiences that will make her wonderful judge someday.

    1. So, did you win? Are you going to help us out at SAUSD? We have some serious problems and we need your help….
      More specifically, the perception of political favors and people losing their jobs in SAUSD Food Service is awful!!!
      We have a Food Service Director that had merely 4 years or so expirience in smaller districts and had never had a food service diretor role before, yet, here he is running our 33 Million dollar or so budget…
      Jan was terminated on her last day of probation while Mark Chavez was new at SAUSD and with no expirience…
      Our OPINIONS and OUR PERCEPTIONS are that despite all that food waste in the Central Kitchen..see OC WEEKLY articles and blogs….Mark Chavez is still our Food Service Director…
      The State came out AGAIN!!! And, we had to be reinspected..YET Mark Chavez is STILL our Food Service Director….
      Our perception and our opinions are…Political favors? Just asking? Mark Chavez did know Thelma in a previous district…So, how can SAUSD justify letting go of Jan on her last day of probation…
      YET, Mark Chavez has all this waste, inner turmoil with employees, the State reauditing us, and wasting all this $ on Consultants to do his job….
      YET, we reward him by hiring MORE upper management than EVER before..and he makes over 100k of our taxpayers $, and YET, we get no help at our school sites….
      These are our perceptions (allegations), but we would advise anyone in office to check this out!!!
      We have informed the board..and nothing appears to have been done…how can we get any help????
      SAUSD does business with ur college…help us…help us in Food Service please..

  2. That goes for you too Alvarez!
    How can you say that I am “crazy”?
    when I went to YOUR Santa Ana College!
    And I sat there through all the bore me to death 3 hr.
    Art History Classes!
    I went to your 5 hr. Council meetings!
    I was seduced by your pretty eyes for three public controversies!
    How can you say that I am “CRazy?”

  3. “Her endorsements are impressive”…… Hmmmmmm

    At least two X-boyfriends identified on the list and the rest of them are corrupt politicians and union representatives, all liberal left socialists which we are hopelessly trying to remove every election.

    What is impressive is that these people are like supper resistant virus!

    There is always a bloger who will sell his soul to the devil to keep this infection spreading until the devil comes to collect.

      1. I didn’t say she was!

        However, aiding and abetting to elect bad people to represent us is a crime.

        She lied to us in her proposition!….. remember?

        That should be enough for any decent bloger not to gave her a forum unless you would list her dishonesty instead these phony endorsements.

        You have forgot to list Pulido’s friend — Bustamante as endorser.

  4. I am glad that Ms. Alvarez was elected and not Mark Mcloughlin. She will stand up for what is right unlike McLoughlin who joined the bigoted Usual Suspect group.

    I am also glad Ms. Yanez got elected. You go girls!

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