Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
Cleaning up caribou roadkill?

The loudest, crudest supporter of the Little Sparrow, at the Santa Ana Planning Commission meeting earlier this week, was a guy named Nathan Hittle, according to several eyewitnesses.  Who is Hittle?  That is quite a story actually.

Hittle is the head of the Downtown Santa Ana Restaurants Association.  Don’t bother trying to find their website – they don’t have one.  They are affiliated with Downtown, Inc., the organization that spends the money collected via the unethical Downtown Santa Ana PBID tax.

How did Hittle end up in such a lofty position?  It is a very good question considering that in 2003 he was a Santa Ana Animal Control officer.

And Hittle only has three years of college noted on his Linkedin Page, at Santa Ana college.  But today he is running a restaurant association and he is also the head of public relations for Caribou Industries, the company owned by developer Mike Harrah.  And he is a member of the Downtown Inc. Marketing Committee.

Perhaps it is fitting that a guy who used to pick up road kill is now representing a bunch of restaurants with horrible health records.

This is what passes for leadership in Downtown Santa Ana.  Good grief…  Fortunately the PBID is going away at the end of the year.  These folks won’t be able to rip off Downtown Santa Ana’s property owners anymore.  But how will Hittle make a living when that happens?  Will the Santa Ana Police Department’s Animal Control unit take him back?

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113 thoughts on “How did a dog catcher end up running the Downtown S.A. restaurant assn.?”
  1. Maybe he was delivering mystery meat to The Playground.

    Also, Nathan Hittle is a DTI boardmember, not just committee member!

  2. He probably doesn’t admit it,
    But Nathan likes that Salvadorean Restaurant on Fifth and Broadway . Izalco. I like it too. They have awesome pupusas. corn or rice pupusas with pork or chicken or shrimp. Inexpensive beer and free cabbage with the entrees or chips. Much better choice than some of the other new joints for a yummy meal. No health hazards that i know of.

  3. Then why is it so difficult to get a historical plaque for the Santora Building? They have restaurants in that building that would enjoy that type of promotion. Heck wouldn’t that increase the value of that property.
    Some things just don’t make sense.

      1. Mainly because the City would have paid for it, but the owner had to agree to a facade easement for it, as well as the Historical Society. Given that the owner installed illegal signs, do you think they would agree to a city facade easement for the sign?

      2. Santa Ana College is a City College…you know that, right? So isn’t it entirely possible that three years did earn this guy an Associates degree? And the condesending comments you keep making about his education are false? Just pointing that out.

        1. Then he should say so. But the reality is that Downtown Inc is very secretive about their restaurant association and this guy has no complete bio that I’m aware of.

          Beyond that, why would a restaurant association hire a former animal control officer with possibly a two year degree, to handle their marketing? That’s just bizarre! Are there restaurants serving roadkill? He’d be an expert on that!

      1. It better not go away. How else will we be able to clean up downtown? We need to rid that area of shops selling quinceanera dresses and Downtown Inc. are the right people for the job.

        I’d love to see more businesses like that world class newstand Rags owned by that weird guy who brought a gay porn star to hand out lube during the pride festival. More gay porn and less Mexican businesses is just what we need to clean up downtown.

        1. Hits? Who cares? Only you. Big whoop. Gonna take the numbers and do something with them? Buy a nice watch or something? Wow, the king. Please, you only write spastic lies to get the ‘hits’, you’re not earning anything. Yawn.

  4. Only one song can best describe my three year Alcoholic Downward Spiral With The Grand Inquisitor of New Santa Ana. All for a damn Santora Historical Plaque. “Institutionalized”

  5. Whaddubout all those cute Mexi-Boys all those gay porn-lovers adore! Displacing the Mexis would break muchos hearts. ;(

    Also, where would the Drag Queens buy their tiaras? Those Quinceañera stores serve a pretty wide demographic!

    Re: Nathan is being Harrah’s toady & hatchet man, methinks Loyalty is of greater value to the DTI bunch than Education or Experience. Just look at their staff & supporters…not the brightest bunch.

    1. Don’t forget that Benavides is in bed with these people and he has always been a PBID supporter. His revolution is faux. You want a revolution? We’re it!

  6. I find it so hilarious that you so easily attack the Downtown Area on your blog only in the last couple years. you do not live in the downtown area . you just like to here yourself talk and start faux controversy. the PBId is not illeagal to any one who has any knowledge hell I remember voting yes for it. But the most interesting thing to me is how you attack every restaurant or business that you perceive as non-Latino. Most importantly you avoid the Roadless Traveled store that recently moved to the downtown area. Hmmm. I wonder why. maybe because it is owned by Gustavo Arellano’s live in girlfriend? If your going to sit around and talk made up trash on businesses in the downtown do not selectively leave some out. It is a bit funny no mention of there invovlement(I do not thin Gustavo has anything do do with the Downtown inc, et but his girlfriend and her business do for damn sure) with the downtown area, etc. Are you afraid of Gustavo or is it just being courteous to a fellow hispanic and his girlfriends Business. Just a thought?

    1. The Dude? You should have called yourself “The Dope”. Your spelling is atrocious.

      That aside, the PBID election was a sham at best and illegal at worst. This is not a Latino/non-Latino issue. People of all races are getting screwed by the PBID and Downtown Inc. That is going to stop.

      The only people whining and saying it is a racial issue are the whites. They don’t like being treated equal.

      1. How it is “equal” when requiring a track record from a new business has never been done in the HISTORY of the City??? The ONLY time a track record has been required was when a business had code violations or were already violating the conditions of an existing CUP. Then they were required to clear the violations and become good citizens before an additional award was given (Zamora and Proof). This was the case in both a white and hispanic business. Nothing racial, just business. But the Planning Commission overstepped their bounds by making a new business subject to a track record which is impossible. This was NOT equal treatment. The Little Sparrow was singled out. I believe they would have a nice legal case against the city.

          1. And….they are NOT pro-business…end of story. They cannot pick and choose unless they are racist or bigoted. Good luck getting an anti-business candidate elected.

        1. The Little Sparrow got everything they were asking for with the exception of the after hours CUP which they agreed to give up. How does this demonstrate unfair treatment? How does this single them out?

          The days of the angry whites telling the Planning Commission, City Council and City Hall what to do are over. They don’t control this city anymore and never will again.

          1. They did NOT get everything they asked for…they asked to be open until 2:00 am, which the Planning Commission originally thought was a fine idea and approved it. They have approved this for many other businesses including new businesses, but they would not for this new business. So they are now crippled by having a less entitlement than other businesses in the area. The Planning Commission made a spectacle of this when they have not acted consistently for other places. Consistency is the KEY, and this was a first in the history of Santa Ana.

          2. Because it is a restaurant competing with hundreds of others in Orange County. If Santa Ana is to become a destination point rather than a dud, then it must compete with other cities. WHAT PART OF THAT DON’T YOU GET? If Santa Ana is going to continue to be a force in the County of Orange, it must compete for businesses, which includes restaurants, retail, offices, entertainment, and remain to be the County Seat.

  7. “Don’t forget that Benavides is in BED with these people…”

    Sure you are not confusing Benavides with Bustamante?

  8. Editor … What a cheap shot at a man (Hittle) you don’t know simply because he was a blue collar worker and didn’t finish college. Are you really that desperate to criticize? There are a lot of folks out there that make a contribution to their communities that have come up through the ranks through hard work and dedication in other ways. Maybe you should first do your homework, hv the guts to meet the man before you resort to insults and name-calling, and then MAYBE you can write intelligently about why he holds the positions he currently does. I met Mr. Hittle on a couple of occasions in the past when he was working in animal control and providing information at a community meeting. He was courteous, well informed and generous with his volunteer time.

    1. So Nathan’s a swell fella but how is he qualified to head this organization given his lack of education and lack of experience in the restaurant industry? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have someone who has actually owned or managed a restaurant as the leader of this organization?

      1. Exactly. He is happily spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people’s money on marketing and pr programs he doesn’t appear qualified to run.

        1. Then you should call out the people who appointed him, not the person. Your logic makes me think you were a C student, and have no wonder this blog got so many hits for this article…it’s like the stupidity of the National Enquirer. Next you will be saying that it’s not the illegal aliens we should be worried about, but the aliens from space. You use a false assumption argument.

          Oh wait…you already argue that one of the council candidates is not fit based on his marital problems. What the heck does that have to do with the ability to do the job (cite Clinton, Kennedy, Jefferson, Van Buren, Jackson, Garfield, Harding, et al). Btw, I support no candidate to date. You use a straw man argument.

          You guys argue one side like incompetent individuals, and then you expect people to respond intelligently to your arguments. You use no logic, history, or common sense in your arguments – they are purely emotional. “The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it.” –George Bernard Shaw. You think latino businesses are being treated unfairly, but have no knowledge of the legal aspect of entitlements. You use a false analogy argument.

          I find nothing in your words that argue or prove one thing or another, in fact I find the opposite, that you rely on false information (thinking you know it all), and use false logic to prove your point. I am beginning to think you are stupid Admin and Editor.

  9. The name calling and derogatory comments are cheap shots and, in my opinion, an attack on a man you don’t know. Maybe he’s gained knowledge and experience in ways you don’t know. I don’t know and obviously you don’t either.

  10. Cook, yes that restaurant on Fifth and Broadway has been replaced by the new restaurant that I was referring too with the kick butt Pupusas. It’s called Itzalco or Izalco or something like that. It’s been remodeled and given a bigger menu. It’s the best place in Downtown to eat family style with your buds.

  11. No issue of Mr. Hittle beign a nice guy has been brought up. My opinion is that that his reason for having a position on the DTI board, ,with Original Mike’s and the village restaurant group is not about qualifications in marketing and promotions as a profession but rather I believe he was recruited to market these entities within a particular community of the city with a special desired objective.

    They feel Mr. Hittle can organize support for them within this community.

  12. No , more of within the comlink crowd that is interested in the downtown going away from its long standing successful service to the city’s majority Hispanic community.

    Imagine this agenda of replacing happening in the little Saigon area of Garden Grove and Westminster. Or Hispanics settling Hispanic businesses catering to Mexican immigrants in Irvine where a very small percentage of its population is Hispanic.

  13. Dr. Lomeli is right about this. The businesses in the Downtown should reflect the community around it. Anything else is an attempt to change the racial make up of a downtown that was long ago abandoned by Anglos.
    Now that the Latino leadership have brought it back, the Anglos want to reclaim it. It just ain’t right.

    1. So the city needs to go back to its good old days of dump? Crime infested, drug ridden, filthy dump. Why is that something you would miss? The Latino community embraces that? Yes, it was a dump.

        1. There is more then just Velvet Lounge Patrons urinating in public. Santa Ana is full of it’s community residents peeing all over the place.

          1. It seems to me that the MARKET is dictating the changes in the downtown. The City is not recruiting the new, younger market. It is just happening. You guys are asking the City to stop the market influences, and that is just not right – OR LEGAL. The City must process all applications fairly. If you guys have a problem with the market influences, then change the market…make the hispanic businesses more successful and get more people to shop there. If you can’t, then don’t blame the City, it is just a normal part of a city’s change over time.

    2. I don’t think it’s that the Anglos want to “reclaim it”. I think it is just a matter of the market changing. 10 years ago, you would never have seen young entrepreneurs coming to downtown Santa Ana. Now, the young population wants to share in the urban experience, wants to live in it, wants to work in it. The young entrepreneurs are of all colors and races. They are a new breed that wants to create a destination city, that wants to have a livable and neighborhood city. They do not want to push out Mexican businesses, they want them to increase marketing and get on the bandwagon. Santa Ana is on the verge of being a cultural attraction for ALL races if only the naysayers will just stop halting progress.

      1. Yet none of these new businesses are marketing to the majority of Santa Ana residents. Who then are they serving? And why should we pay $20 a plate for food served in restaurants with awful health violations?

  14. Even the most qualified individual would be challenged taking on Mr. Hittle’s tremendous work load:

    * working full-time for Mike Harrah’s Caribou (marketing for two Original Mike’s ventures in two cities

    * pulling permits for Harrah’s building projects

    * being Harrah’s executive assistant)

    * serving on the Board of DTI

    * Chairing of the DTI Restaurant Association

    * heading up the Posse On Broadway, pub crawl

    * attending City Council meetings

    * attending Planning Commission meetings

    * …and cleaning up whatever other messes Harrah requires

    Its WAY too much!

    When’s the last time the Restaurant Association even met? DTI announces the R.A.’s meeting dates & times in their monthly newsletter, but NEVER the locations. More of their “smoke & mirrors” tactics? I’ve heard the R.A. has only met twice this year, so is it any wonder that our local restaurant offerings are so haphazard & unorganized??

    Someone with more education, training & experience *might* be able to make this overload of commitments fly, but would they be able to keep their mouth shut, put out all the fires Vicky Baxter creates all over town AND squash-drama/filter-info for DTI’s raza-hating cabal?

    That’s where Hittles true talents lie: knowing how to protect his boss’ interests ALL OVER SANTA ANA. You don’t need a college degree to do that, just an SAPD background, blue eyes & diehard loyalty to powerful building interests…NOT local businesses…NOT independent shop owners…NOT the interests of the vast majority of Santa Ana’s downtown.

    BONUS INFO: Now Nathan’s taking on a NEW venture called “The Santa Ana Conference & Visitors Bureau” having already registered the URL for it — visitsantaana.org — located at 1103 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

    Is sweet little Hittle in over his head?

    Read the details for yourself:


  15. So I understand Mr. Hittle was very upset at the latest Planning commission meeting because commissioners where treating the case as staff historically had directed Planning Commissioners when reviewing Hispanic businesses asking for same permits as the Little Sparrow Restaurant was asking for.

    1. Did you people not get the memo? By demanding that all businesses by treated equally the Planning Commission showed that they are RACISTS. How dare they expect decent white people from Floral Park by treated like Latino’s from south of 17th.


  16. That was the best read in the comments yet to a bs article in the New Santa Ana! Hilarious. How can so many stupid people reside in one city? I’m amazed SantaAnaSally can spell PBID! Scary. The bigger the lie, the more people believe it’s the truth. It seems sleeping in your truck after the lawsuit finally ended has made you a cranky old fart. I know who Sally is. Jealous because she doesn’t sport blue eyes or have a university degree that did not come in the mail! Haha. This IS comedy!

  17. So at the end of the day Little Sparrow got a full bar licence , can serve to 12 am ? Anything else. The anger then is that they wanted to serve lmixed drinks to 2am?

        1. What are you smoking sundayfunny? Where will they get the power to run the downtown? That ship has sailed. Better get used to the ass kickings because they will be coming early and often from this point forward.

  18. Ask Nathan why he isn’t the dog catcher anymore? Ask Nathan if he would be willing to let you see his personnel file at the city?

    He was nothing more than a wannabe cop who couldn’t even cut it as a dog catcher. This is the type of brain surgeon DTI brings in to run the restaurant association. Is there any question as to why this organization is going down in flames?

    1. Put the pipe down-wow, you’re clueless. Figures with username. Go home kid. There is a ship that needs to sail with a full load, sail away.

      1. Sundayfunny the only thing you’ve got right is that you are funny. It is you that are clueless. Where will DTI get its power/support? Their biggest supporter on the council is on his way to prison. The days of the Latino community being trampled on are over.

        1. The only people trampling on the Latino’s are themselves, unless they are busy urinating on the side of a building. Tell me what the Latino business owners have done for the community? What have they done for the city? List those accomplishments. What was that cleaver name the city is referred to because of all the wonderful things the Latino community has done for everyone? I’ve run across so many warm fuzzy names. Those little exclusive retail shops that don’t have anyone shopping in them, definitely are on to something amazing. To be so wealthy that an owner of a knock off brand then knock off the knock off brand shop doesn’t need to sell anything is a great gig. Smart. I need to figure out how to do that! Walk around outside of a store with my hands in my pockets, chatting with good community people that have nothing better to do then to ride their kid’s bike to the downtown and hang out. They got it right. No selling, no buying, just complain and blame everyone else. Truly inspiring. Hate the Anglos because they are driven to make their own lives better, invest in their dreams, start up a business and create great food. Invest money into the community and reach out to everyone and invite them to the table for a meal. A good meal. Meals are social-bring friends together. Art brings people together-and not the the Editor of the bs article, art has purpose, it’s someone’s creation. I have yet to see a sign in someone’s window that reads, ” No Latinos allowed.” I did see a racist sign in Sam’s shop not too many years ago. Keep on playing the race card. Not everyone likes card games. It’s a cop-out. Keep ripping off your people, holding them back, sharing the hate. Pathetic. You all know the truth. I’m sure you will take it to your graves. Sucks to have to admit you are wrong as you anti blah, blah, blah, should do. Let go of the judging of others, let go of the hate, get your facts straight and then come to the table. Such black, empty hearts you all have. Brrrr. Cold in your hearts too.

          1. “unless they are busy urinating on the side of a building”

            You must have confused the hard working Latino’s of Santa Ana with the patrons of the Velvet Lounge. They routinely urinate on the businesses surrounding it after they are finished playing at the club.

          2. You must be the DTI recruited marketing guy. You absolutely have no facts . Total ignorance.

            Historically the downtown Hispanic shopping district with the shops that disgust you have been the second tax revenue to the city slightly behind the Main Pllace Mall.

            Mind you the little shops compared to the big Mall stores……….like Nordstrom and Macy’s. the infrastructure investment in the Mall to none in the downtown save that to Fiesta Market Place which was purposely under managed with the intention of failure so to produce your arguments.

            The recent decline in venue for the Hispanic downtown shopping District is due to no infrastructure investment by the city. Has nothing to do with shopping owners doing anything wrong.

            Without the city infrastructure investment to the artist village restaurants and the marketing funding by the city and DTI they would be failures.

            So……your arguments about the Hisapnic downtown market is ignorant. If the city and DTI invested in the downtown infrastructure to compete with big department stores and closed malls the downtown Hispanic shopping district would be equal or larger than the Main Place mall.

            Infrastructure to compete:

            Public restrooms
            Rest areas
            Good lighting
            Free parking
            Food courts
            Beautiful soft and hard scape

            All of these are offered by our competition……..large department stores and malls. Our traditional Hispanic shoppers go where they are catered to. We need the above to get them back.

            You argue against this because you do not want them back…….conflicts with your argument to further your agenda.

            The infrastructure point above are offered in house by the restaurants ………this is why they are not affected by the general lack of infrastructure and retail is.

            After six pm the parking structures are free. When restaurant dinner business begins and retail ends. YOU THINK AN AGENDA IS IN PLACE?????

            Downtown Hispanic retail business owners do not need your ignorant lecture on business.


  19. Downtown Inc. through it’s by-laws excludes the property owners who pay the PBID tax that funds them to vote for the board members that are to look after the best interests of the property owners who pay the tax.

    Instead DTI , through an unconstitutional method, TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, amongst a city appointed board and now self selecting ………recruits individuals like Mr. Hittle to make dicisions for the property owners that exclussively benefit the comlink crowd’s agenda.

    It is this small percentage of residents that support the unconstitutional PBID/DTI BECAUSE THEY HAVE HIGH JACKED THIS ORGANIZATION IN THEIR FAVOR.

    Taxation without representation is Un American. Supporters of the PBID/DTI participate with this unconstitutional form of government only because it drives their agenda.


    1. Don’t worry Art Lomeli these un-American activities are coming to an end. Thanks to patriots such as yourself, other anti-PBID businesses, Claudia Alvarez and the decent people of our community these people will be sent packing. Once the welfare for whites ends Vicky Baxter, Nathan Hittle and the rest will all scurry away looking for some other suckers to bleed dry.


    2. Mr. Lomeli, I’m going to deflate your arguments in favor of Benavides once and for all. You say, and I’m quoting you,

      “Downtown Inc. through it’s by-laws excludes the property owners who pay the PBID tax that funds them to vote for the board members that are to look after the best interests of the property owners who pay the tax.

      Instead DTI , through an unconstitutional method, TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, amongst a city appointed board and now self selecting ………recruits individuals like Mr. Hittle to make dicisions for the property owners that exclussively benefit the comlink crowd’s agenda.

      It is this small percentage of residents that support the unconstitutional PBID/DTI BECAUSE THEY HAVE HIGH JACKED THIS ORGANIZATION IN THEIR FAVOR.

      Taxation without representation is Un American. Supporters of the PBID/DTI participate with this unconstitutional form of government only because it drives their agenda.


      How then, HOW, can you support a candidate (Benavides) that is in favor of prolonging the PBID?! I had an email exchange with him and this is what he said:

      Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 1:35 AM
      Subject: Re: Announcing: David Benavides for Santa Ana Mayor

      On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 4:07 PM, Omar Ávalos wrote:
      Vote no on PBID

      Why no on PBID?

      From: O. Ian Ávalos
      Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 02:38:18 -0700 (PDT)
      To: David Benavides for Santa Ana Mayor

      You need a reminder apparently:


      But wait… there’s more. Stay tuned.


      On ago 1, 2012, at 12:02 a.m., David Benavides wrote:

      I’ve read the report and noticed a number of inaccuracies and errors. Did you happen to catch them too?

      In any case I would be glad to talk about this with you.


      My last reply to Benavides where he didn’t answer my questions about inaccuracies and errors in the Grand Jury Report:

      What inaccuracies? What errors?

      I have taken into consideration what the report found (F1 – F5) and have come to my own conclusions as well, based on my own experiences and observations with the emerging patterns in the downtown.

      Any proposal, any idea that I may have I choose to make known openly and as broadly as possible and not in an email or a personal conversation.

      So Mr. Lomeli, how then, HOW, can you spend so much energy defending and supporting this guy for mayor when he is in favor of prolonging the PBID, which is one of the most crucial topics of government in Santa Ana and one that you’re so against?

  20. Omar,

    Refer back to the council meeting where this topic was last discussed. The council members voted 4-0 to have the city attorney arrange a town meeting for the conflicting PBID groups possibly find a solution……..possibly eliminate the PBID AND FORM ISOLATED GROUPS SELF FUNDED CATERING TO THEIR BEST INTEREST.


    No vote was made to fund the PBID . So the PBID in essence in eliminated as it has no funding.

    the council members voting on these were:

    – Benavides
    – Alvarez
    – Bustamamnte

    1. Oh I see, so I’m making much ado about nothing, right?


      You’ve just proven to me that Benavides flip flops on issues. I’m more concerned with how this guy thinks to begin with.

      He was in favor of the Santora being sold to his church, and this revealed poor decision-making on his part.

      He was in favor of the PBID, as I proved in the email exchange that I had with him, and he went so far as to challenge the validity of the Grand Jury report, but refused to answer specifically what “inaccuracies” and “errors” in the report he was referring to.

      What took him so long to vote no on the matter? He refused to vote on it in the past. Álvarez called on the matter to be voted on multiple times, dating back a year or so, and no one had the pants to vote against it. He sure didn’t. But now he does? Why? Because I pressured him to vote no? Because he’s an opportunist and a flip flopper?

      Give this guy a chance and he would’ve “almost” helped to sell the Santora to his church, and he “almost” would’ve kept things “business as usual” concerning the PBID (he hangs out regularly at Chapter One with his sycophants regularly by the way).

      What is he “almost” going to screw up next? I don’t want to know and I’m not taking a chance.

  21. Hittle was a dogcatcher? That explains how Downtown, Inc gets its staff…starting with Bitchy Baxter.

  22. I respect your dicision on voting. I am not arguing to change your mind as it would be fruitless. Everyone has their opinion why they support or not support.

    You understand that Pulido orchestrated the unconstitutional and undemocratic PBID upon the Property owners who by a 70% majority rejected it. Pulido also favored the sale of the Santora to the church supporting his friend Mike Harrah the owner of the Santora on the sale to the church.

    So you will then vote for Collins,Moreno, Alvarado or Briseno.

  23. That Pulido is like a rope factory.
    Here’s a little rope for you Benavides.
    Here’s a little rope for you Admin.
    Here’s a little rope for you Mateo.

    “Go playboy cowboys and Indians, let me know how that works out for you”

  24. Mateo,

    Pulido can’t do the rope to Hang yourself as Pedroza puts it no more as he does not control the majority council. Pedroza is coy about Pulido having one vote. Fact is as Pedroza has pointed out before that Pulido’s intention is to win and then the majority independent council will have a “reckoning”.

    Problem is that Pulido would be on the loosing end of a 6-1 majority.

  25. None at the velvet lounge want to be mayor and lead to city………Mateo is referring to political baggage. Pulido’s strategy weapon ” throw enough s@it and some will stick ” is aimed at alleged baggage of his opponents


    1. Wow. Now you’re not making any sense.

      Team Benavides was his gander. I guess you’re right though. They are going to come out of this very well done!

    1. I love my job! Hey, the Grilled Cheese Spot will be open soon! Yummy! So many awesome eateries in Downtown Santa Ana! Voted Best Downtown in OC Weekly’s Best of! Hmm, Santa Ana has not even been in the running for, ‘Best Of,’ before. You know who’s responsible for that win!

      1. I read your comment of October 12, 2012 at 2:30 pm and that begs me to ask what exactly is your “job”?

        That was one of the most racist comments I have ever read. I thought I was on the OCRegister site for a minute.

        If that comment is a window into who you are, then it is obvious that you are a vile piece of $hit. You are truly representitive of Gentrification Inc. and the racist agenda they and their supporters have. Crawl back into the swamp you came from bitch.

        1. Oh, pushed your ugly, waste of space, button. Racist comment? Call it what makes you most comfortable. Can’t wait to go to work in the morning. Boss says that I am making a difference!

  26. Silly, I always wash my hands before I eat. Not handling anyone’s food but my family’s, friend’s, and my own. Sorry, not a downtown restaurant owner or employee.

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