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On Thursday, September 24, 2020, at approximately 12:16 AM, SAPD Officers responded to reports of a shooting in the east alley of 1600 South Cedar Street, near Madison Park.

Upon arrival, Officers located an adult male down in the alley suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body. Orange County Fire Authority paramedics responded and declared the man deceased at 12:25 AM.

Santa Ana Police Homicide Section Detectives responded and assumed the investigation. Based on the known facts of the case, detectives believe gang rivalry motivated the shooting. Detectives request anyone with information contact the Santa Ana Police Department or Orange County Crime Stoppers. This case is eligible for the Santa Ana Police Department Homicide Reward Program.

The identity of the decedent is being withheld pending identification by the Orange County Coroner’s Division and notification of next of kin.

Santa Ana Police Department Homicide Section (714) 245 – 8390 or O.C. Crime Stoppers 1 (855) 847 – 6227 /

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One thought on “A man was shot and killed early this morning near Madison Park”
  1. #Būenosdíasi

    #Comment @ 10:19 AM Mon Sep 28

    #01 – On Thursday, on the location where I live, outside on the main hall, to our right, on a long-wall someone was tagging, he was seen by rival gang-members and was shot around the alley-way where he turned to try to escape, a few feet-away to the left,

    #02 – I heard 6 shots, they weren’t even that loud and I was in the living-room when this happened, I turned the out-side lights on, I saw a group of People running outside back-and-forth through our curtains in shadow, the helicopter was around, and I heard a crowd of People after the cops showed-up,

    #03 – It may appear like we don’t pay attention because we live here and we ‘let them’ tag but, the situation here is: it’s not worth dying over a dumb-ass tag,

    #04 – The tag was removed the next day,

    #05 – I like these apartments because the City does its job and removes all these tags for us as soon as possible,

    #06 – I noticed most of these other apartment-owners don’t even bother, they look ugly and they run their rent-up so it’s not worth-it, now imagine: ¿how disgutine it is inside and having to rent a room in there?

    #07 – Even the cops around here have been acting like Derek Chauvin(s),


    #De: #irvinSalgadoRoman

    #Būenosdíasi #News #RAVAGEAPE #iRZTAR #FiRZTARS #MyBernieStory #BernieSanders #Socialism #DonaldJTrump #DonaldPence #Univision #UnivisionNews #UnitedStates #Mexico #MadisonPark #SantaAna #CiudadDeOro #NewSantaAna

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