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Mike Dalati & Karina Onofre, will be helping the “OFFICIAL NO ONE LEFT BEHIND” organization to hand out boxes of food filled with cereal, grains, fresh fruit, canned goods, and more to 1,000 local families in the City of Santa Ana, on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, from 10 am to 2 pm, at H&R Block Santa Ana, at 726 S Main St.  The food boxes are free!

With so many horrific things going on all over the world, it’s easy to forget the unfortunate things that are taking place right in our own backyard.. 

How is poverty even an issue in opulent Orange County??? This is a normal question somebody would ask, especially if he or she lives along the coast or away from the heart of the county. The fact of the matter is that reality is truly “A Tale of Two Counties” like 89.3 FM KPPC and Anaheim Mayor, Tom Tait, reported, where we have about half of Orange County students living with families whose household annual income is below $40,000 for a family of four. In the City of Santa Ana, the county seat and beating heart of OC, 20% of its residents are below the poverty level of $22,000 a year for a family of four! It’s really sad and sickening to understand. But it is a fact, and these families could use some help -to make their lives a bit easier, and help make the children’s lives better -as many are struggling with their education since not having a proper nutrition affects them.

Orange County is not the best place to be poor -as a person making minimum wage $8/hr FT only makes about $1000 a month after taxes and the cost of living is so high. He or she would need to have 2 FT jobs to make the payment of a typical 1 bedroom apartment, pay the bills, pay for gas, cell phone, internet, insurance, and food! This is without taking into consideration miscellaneuous expenses, medical needs, and the current economy.


If you would like to make a donation to Official No One Left Behind Organization feel free to call Joyce-Maria at 714-973-1982 and we will gladly explain how you can make a donation.

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12 thoughts on “You can help to distribute food boxes to needy Santa Ana families on 8/21”
  1. What a joke.
    Do you think these Republicans would dare to attempt raising the minimum wage? Or fight for Universal Health Coverage? Not a chance.
    Stick with Charity.

    1. The organization providing the food boxes is a charity.

      Obamacare has already driven up healthcare could still and turned thousands of full time jobs into part time jobs. And raising the minimum wage will kill jobs too.

  2. If we raise the minimum wage by $1 or $2 or $3 is that going to change the life style of the minimum wage earners?
    How much more should we raise it to? Where do we draw the line? I think we are better off helping them get better education and training to better their life style. Do we give people free fish or teach them how to fish for long term better results? If we raise the minimum wage it will hurt small mom and pop stores and many are currently struggling to stay open. What we need is to help these minimum wage earners learn to Save their money and not spend it on alcohol, gambling, lottery tickets, shopping, and eating out like they’re rich. It’s not about how much we make, its about how much we Save (and lnvest in).

  3. You idiot!
    You think minimum wage earners are the ones that waste their money on alcohol, gambling lottery tickets, shopping and eating out like the rich. You are an idiot Mike! Minimum wage earners buy Budweiser 6 packs at day’s end like they are entitled to.
    True minimum wage earners that do not have any other safety net can not afford to do what you would like to imagine them doing.
    It is mostly Yuppie Scum Bags and Nouveau Documented Latinos that think they can afford to gamble, drink shop and do lottery tickets on income that they know they are not bringing in. They are the ones that actually are far more seduced by a Gentrification based, Over-priced, All Consuming LIfe-style than hard working minimum wage earners (mostly young immigrants.)
    The yuppies and Yuppie wannabes are the ones that continue to sell their souls to artificial, superficial industries such as marketing, real estate, finance, politics all to avoid the political reality that has beset the true hands-on real working man.
    Give it up. Feel Good Republican D-bag.

    1. Let me get this straight. The Democratic Council majority, that you support, just made our new City Manager a millionaire. But the bad guys are a couple of Republicans who are helping to feed needy families? Is that about right? Did you fall on your head recently?

      1. How many local unemployed qualified workers could we have hired for half a million a year? He is the 2nd highest paid public servant in the state!!!. He earns more than the president of the United States… This is not about Republican or Democrat.. this is about doing the right thing by the people of santa Ana. And I stand corrected Mateo, there are always exceptions.

  4. Well then. We are all on the same exact page.
    This decision for hiring the new city manager is a scam.
    We don’t need to tax the poor to pay the salaries of Walters and Carzallo Cavazo Carhalo, what ever his name is. Peace Out.

  5. I don’t support the Santa Ana Fake Progressive Dem Springsters. Please stop promoting the propaganda that I do PR Meister. But your boy Pulido sure acts like He loves Benavides now and the Man from Phoenix. Don’t he? What a sell out.

    1. Really? So you spoke out in opposition when your fellow artists gave an award to Benavides recently?

      Speaking of Benavides, it is true that he is now trying to ally with Pulido again. Benavides is afraid that Pulido will help someone to run against Benavides. Pulido can be very forgiving but I hope he remembers that Benavides allowed hus allies to attack Pulido’s kids during the 2012 election.

      1. Which Allies?
        Chase and friends
        or The Police Union?
        Both Benavides and Pulido are both being paid by Chase now. Aren’t they? And both being paid by Harrah probably. The money heals all wounds I guess.

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