Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, wife of California state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, announced today that she’s in rehabilitation for a substance-abuse problem after an extramarital affair that she says culminated in a Feb. 3 beating by her ex-lover, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

We now know the identity of her ex-lover – Stephen Chikhani, 35, of San Jose — as reported by the Oakland Tribune. He said Tuesday night that “the only truths in the Lockyers’ account of what happened are “that I have a record and that they were separated. … Pretty much everything else was false, was made up by her husband.”

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17 thoughts on “Update: Former SAUSD Trustee Nadia Lockyer in rehab, admits to affair”
  1. Dear Admin,
    How/Why does a guy who beats up an elected official get to remain an Anon weeks after the event? This story is so sad. She was such an awesome School Board member here in Santa Ana and loved the youth here. She was our Whitney Houston. I can’t imagine how sad her dad would be if he were still alive. Does anyone know where her ex boyfriend Jose Fernandez lives now? Perhaps he would do an interview with new Santa Ana Blog if you asked. Thanks to your blog we know what is happening. Can’t believe the OC Register and L.A. Times and O.C. Weekly were asleep at the wheel.

  2. I think the photo of Mr. Chikhani from the cooking blog link is better than his Facebook pic.! Mr. Admin, do you know what his Priors were for? Seems like a guy from a good family.

  3. As a member of the Latino Community I think we need to rally around Nadia during this time of recovery. She was once the poltical voice of our community here in Santa Ana and in that sense is our Whitney Houston. Some might point to Bill Lockyer as the Gringo Conquistador taking away our Princess and they might be right. Why didn’t Nadia stay within our community to marry and bare children? Our people would have never left her in a motel, alone, when she needed help.

  4. Another sleazy OC Democrat couple you’ll never read about on the Blue Blogs of OC.

    Let’s be clear about a few things:

    #1 The State Treasuer Bill Lockyer is a 70 year old man married to a 40 year old women. He knocked her up during a booze filled “one night stand”. He is a dirty old white man who preyed on a easy target in Nadia.

    #2 You can take the girl off of greenville street, but you can’t take the Greenville street off the girl. This women liked to be called “the up and coming…..” she’s a nowhere woman. Her old man bought her the AC supervisors seat.

    #3 Mike Duvall got burned at the stake politically for talking, she’s FU%$ing the EX, hopped up on God knows what, getting beat up and all anyone wants to talk about is Julio Perez and Obama’s motorcade. If that does’nt say all you need to know about the democrats around here, I don’t know what does.

    #4 This is POWER talking to truth (or lies). WHITEWASH.

    Why is Duvall, Newt and others PIGs, meanwhile it’s OK for Dem’s to pick up some filipina mailorder bride??

    This is hilarious.

  5. Maybe it’s time for a Bill/Nadia update Mr. Admin. Why do most articles refer to Nadia’s other dude as her “ex-boyfriend”? They met a few years ago in drug rehab, while she was married (and she still is I think) so what is he? Is Monica Lewensky Bill Clintons ex girlfriend? Not Mistress…Lover? Maybe your blog can get the complete texts from Nadia to the guy.

  6. Gotta love the “Radio Shack” gift card comment! WTF?

    This broad is a drunk, a junkie and completely unstable and aparently unfit to serve. Where are the high and mighty Mike Duvall roasters now?

    The differnce between Duval and and Roy Ashburn, the Gay repuglican from bakersfeild: She’s a Democrat, so hold your tounges Lib OC, OJB and all the other wannabee’s. She’s a CRACK WHORE, and you can’t suspend me for that!

    What a mess. But, if you ignore it it will go away…..right dumocrats?

  7. Why is this Blog the only Southern California source for news on this? The Nadia and Davis family have deep O.C. roots. Bill must be a very powereful man!

  8. Apparently Bill Lockyer got the crumbs at the bottom of the CRACKer Jack Box. Is he really the father of Nadia’s child?

  9. This has all been a ploy to grant Nadia Lockyer priceless name recognition. Sukka! She returned to office today. All she needs to do now is turn things positive. This will start with prosecution of the man who assaulted her, the case of which is currently pending in the AG’s office, that will largely vindicate her, followed by three years of (continued) success as county supervisor. Where did Nadia Lockyer admit she was in an affair? Nowhere. Nuance doesn’t serve the purposes of a sensationalitic and opportunistic article, so important things go largely unnoticed. Both Bill Lockyer and Steven Chikhani have basically confirmed in the press that the Lockyers were separated when Chikhani had sexual relations with her.

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