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SAUSD School Board 2013

UPDATE: My source sent me another SAUSD budget freeze document.  Click here to read it.

The Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) has apparently instituted a hiring and spending freeze. An inside source emailed several documents to me today, including this one, about the freeze.  The same source indicated that the SAUSD has a $16 million dollar budget deficit.

The SAUSD stated in one document that the budgets are not being cut, they are just freezing spending until legislators in Sacramento can pass a new budget.  The district even mentioned the Federal Sequester in this document.

There are some exemptions as noted here, including cafeteria items.  You may recall that the district got busted recently for misspending their cafeteria money.

Items that are being affected by the suspension include:

  • All textbook and library book orders are suspended.
  • All purchases of all non-capitalized equipment and computers, and equipment are suspended.
  • lnstructionally related field trips funded with ASB, Student Body, and donated funds (PTAS,

    etc.) will continue uninterrupted if PRIOR approval is obtained from the Cabinet supervisor.

  • Purchases related to facility modernization will be allowed but monitored for timing as it relates to draw downs on cash.

Why is the district in such disarray?  Our the Trustees asleep at the wheel?

And how did they negotiate a new contract with their teachers with no layoffs when they have such a huge deficit?

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One thought on “The SAUSD suspends spending and hiring including all textbook orders”
  1. “Why is the district in such disarray?”……… Hmmmmmm

    Obviously we need more Latinos and minorities’ representation among the trustees.

    That is it!…. more Latinos.

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