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Santa Ana Police Department Citizen Alert: HALLOWEEN SAFETY TIPS


  • Meet Trick or Treaters at the door, never encourage children to enter a stranger’s house or invite them into your home.
  • Have children go with an adult or an older brother or sister.
  • Carry a flashlight, glowstick or reflective bag.
  • Walk don’t run. Cross streets only at corners. Never cross the streets between parked cars or in the middle of the street.


  • Keep costumes simple. Long and fancy ones could cause children to trip. Costumes should also be fireproof.
  • Costumes should be made of light colored material, so they can easily be seen at night. Reflectorized patches can also be added to the costume.
  • Everyday shoes should be worn, as opposed to fancy “clown” or “Pirate” shoes, etc…. shoes are very important and everyday shoes are much safer.
  • Props such as toy guns or swords should be made of cardboard or Styrofoam, so they won’t injure if fallen upon.


  • Insist that treats be brought home for inspection before anything is eaten.
  • Give wrapped commercial treats to children. Have parents check all treats before you eat them. Throw away anything unwrapped and check the candy wrappers for signs of tampering.
  • Notify the Santa Ana Police Department if harmful items are found, so that other parents may be warned and the people responsible apprehended. (714) 834-4211

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One thought on “The SAPD’s Halloween Safety Tips”
  1. How about this Halloween tip. Don’t vote for candidates who have sold their soul to the Police union and promised them big pay increases.

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