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SANTA ANA, CA (November 7, 2012) – In an effort to keep Santa Ana residents informed about the local election, the following information is provided. As of 11/07/2012 at 8 am, the Orange County Registrar of Voters Office has released the following results. Please note that this information is UNOFFICIAL until certified on December 11, 2012. For complete election information, please go to

Santa Ana Mayor, Vote Count Percentage:

  • Miguel A. Pulido 16,955 47.4%
  • P. David Benavides 9,436 26.4%
  • George M. Collins 4,591 12.8%
  • Roy Alvarado 1,943 5.4%
  • Lupe Moreno 1,936 5.4%
  • Miguel Angel Briseno 939 2.6%

Ward 1 City Council, Vote Count Percentage:

  • Vincent F. Sarmiento 18,047 54.2%
  • Estela Amezcua 15,249 45.8%

Ward 3 City Council:Vote Count Percentage:

  • Angelica Amezcua 11,250 33.0%
  • Eric M. Alderete 7,533 22.1%
  • Brett Elliott Franklin 6,149 18.0%
  • Charles Hart 4,461 13.1%
  • Shane Ramon Barrows 2,853 8.4%
  • Stefano “Steve” Rocco 1,894 5.5%

Ward 5 City Council: Vote Count Percentage:

  • Roman A. Reyna 19,906 59.7%
  • Karina Onofre 13,425 40.3%

Mayor Term Limits – Measure GG

  • Yes 27,569 77.4%
  • No 5,040 22.6%


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10 thoughts on “The Santa Ana City Clerk announces the 2012 Nov. 6 election results”
    1. The results are “unofficial”…. the passage states that the results will be certified Dec 11, 2012

  1. It would be nice to have the voters heard.

    This crap about quiting and giving up first, before all the votes are counted is a slap in the face to all of those who vote.

  2. Voted for Mr. Reyna. Thank god Karina didn’t win. This would have been a bad choice for ward #5 if she won. Previously met her and found her to be dishonest and overall a very bad businesswoman. Not a good mixture to have someone as her to represent you. As had been said many times before “most if not all people that get into politics turn out to be crooked”. Don’t be fooled folks by her looks.

  3. Sounds like Concerned S.A. resident got turned down for a date! I found Ms. Onofre to be bright, energetic, and ready to serve. Look for her to win a seat on the school board in two years all you haters.

    1. We can do without your childish comments here Chicano Power. We can also tell by your name on where you stand. Getting back to the subject on hand, hopefully we don’t see anymore of her political aspirations to materialize either in the City Council or Santa Ana Board. Remember Nativo? No thanks!
      We are a group of residents and business owners in Santa Ana who want to make Orange County’s seat a better place to live, work and visit.

      Our mission is to bring together neighborhoods, businesses, political affiliations and ethnicities to encourage civic participation and promote and advocate for efficient, transparent, accountable and ethical governance by the elected and administrative officials of the city of Santa Ana

  4. Nobody here is going to be fooled by Karina’s looks. She should have changed her name to Karina Amezcua though. And she could have ran as a member of the New Santa Ana International Socialist Party.

  5. Good point Mateo. In two years every Amezcua on Facebook will be a candidate in Santa Ana and the rest of those interested in politics will also be running with the name Amezcua.

    Stefano Rocco Amezcua for Mayor in 2014!

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