Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

The city of Santa Ana spends over $1 Million a year removing graffiti in our city. YES ONE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to remove graffiti is what our taxpayers are paying.

You want money for youth programs in our city? Here’s an idea, tell the gangbangers and taggers to stop vandalizing our city with their moronic graffiti!

They city has a Graffiti Task Force and offers a Graffiti Reward Program but almost no one is reporting the people who vandalize our city.

Last year, a 57 year old man was caught spraying graffiti on 2 streets and arrested. Grow the F*#K UP and leave our city alone!

Santa Ana gangbanger in his late 50s arrested on suspicion of tagging two walls


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3 thoughts on “The City of Santa Ana is spending one million a year to clean up graffiti!”
  1. Why can’t they plant greenery over the walls, an ivy type of plant like other cities do, such as Irvine? The walls are looking so awful, peeling paint, etc. Could save a lot of money on Graffiti cleanup, and cover the ugly, half a century year old delapitated walls.

  2. Smart guy the guy who commented grow greenery on the wall. My question is how you know they spending that much when personally myself I have seen graffiti that is years old and not even covered up.

  3. Going greenery, like Becky stated is one good, closer to step to help.
    My thought on graffiti is for this city revise their laws and make graffiti, vandalism, and porperty defacement and harsher crime and even harsher for gang related vandalism.
    It’s mearly a slap on the wrist.
    Probation and community service, is nothing to these criminals. Let’s speak up and update our local laws to harsher punishments.

    One idea is, if someone gets caught, let them get blamed for all of the graffiti “their” gang is reponsible for.

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