Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Santa Ana Mayoral candidate George Collins tried to participate in the South Santa Ana Merchants’ Association candidates forum this week, but they would not let him video tape the proceedings. This happened to Collins two years ago as well, when he also ran for Mayor.

Why this organization won’t allow their forums to be recorded on video is a real mystery.

Collins responded to the snub by recording the video above.

Collins is listed first on the ballot this year, amongst candidates for Santa Ana Mayor.  The only other non-Latino in the race, Charles Hart, is listed last on the ballot.

Rumor has it that none of the challengers will end up getting more then ten percent of the vote and most of them are stuck at three to four percent, according to recent polls.

That said, Collins may play an important role in this election by undermining Hart’s campaign.

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One thought on “SSAMA refused to allow video recorders at their Santa Ana Council candidates forum”
  1. That is cool!!. Good info Mr. Pedroza. By the way the “mistery” for not to allow camaras in this “forums” is that Jorge Doffo thinks tha he is still part of “the junta”(Videla, Galtieri,etc) tha used to rule this way his originary country of Argentina.

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