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I am not sure why exactly SAUSD Trustee candidate Cecilia Iglesias returned to the Republican Party, but she did and tonight she was rewarded by the OC GOP Endorsement Committee with an endorsement.  The value of that endorsement aside, what she had to go through to get that endorsement is worth reviewing.

Here is a blow-by-blow account courtesy of the OC Political Blog:

8:29 PM – Ceci Iglesias speaks of growing up in Santa Ana and her educational background.  She wants to bring a conservative voice to the Santa Ana Unified School District board.  She says she has a child in SAUSD schools.  She opposes SB 48.  She supports a back-to-basics and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.  She notes she is an immigrant from El Salvador and believes it is important to have English as a Second Language programs for students who don’t speak English.  She started a non-profit to teach deaf children.

Santa Ana resident Charles Hart speaks in favor of Iglesias and speaks of Reagan’s 80/20 ratio.  He says everyone in the room agrees with 80% of what Iglesias stands for and likely more.  He says Santa Ana needs more Republicans.

Fullerton resident Pat Shuff says she is in favor of bilingual education and the DREAM Act.  Shuff claims Igleisas has only been a Republican for two months.  Iglesias says she has been a Republican for eight years but briefly left the GOP.

Orange County Board of Education Trustee Robert Hammond, a Santa Ana resident, says Iglesias opposes the DREAM Act.  He notes he’s never seen Shuff in Santa Ana.  He says she has helped register lots of new Republicans, including persuading many Democrats over.  He says Iglesias supports ESL programs, not bilingual education.  He says she opposes SB 48 and is opposed to the teachers’ union.

Committee Member Ray Grangoff asks why she left the GOP.

Iglesias says she ran as an independent for Congress because a number of Republicans opposed her for being too conservative.

Committee Member Ray Grangoff expresses concern that she ran against Tran and Sanchez because conservatives united behind Tran.

Iglesias says she didn’t understand the dynamics of the party establishment.

Committee Member Mary Young urges her to consider English immersion and welcomes her into the Republican Party.

Iglesias says she supports immersion with ESL support.

Committee Member Ray Grangoff asks about the party affiliations of the candidates in the race.

Iglesias says three Democrat and three Republicans are running for three seats.  She says she is the most conservative candidate.

Committee Member Chandra Chell says regardless of Iglesias’s registration, Chell has seen Iglesias working for conservative candidates, even candidates who were endorsed by Republicans but without any money (like Hugh Nguyen’s bid against Tom Daly).

Committee Member Mary Young notes that Ronald Reagan was a Democrat and that Iglesias should be welcomed.

Committee Member Matt Harper notes that there’s only three Republicans for three seats and that she’s the only one seeking the endorsement.

Committee Member Thomas Gordon notes Iglesias’s opponents have massive financial campaign assistance from Planned Parenthood and that Iglesias is very pro-life.  He cites Iglesias’s efforts to gain new Republicans.  Gordon tells a story about how a Santa Ana resident screamed “Republicano” and ran like Republicans were the chupacabra.

The committee votes unanimously to recommend Iglesias for endorsement.

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8 thoughts on “SAUSD Trustee candidate Iglesias endorsed by the OC GOP”
  1. Admin.
    Hermano, you have an absolutely beautiful family, I am sure.
    We are not all as fortunate as you to have such a beautiful raza.
    Humans need to take more control of their destiny not throw their hands up in the Air and praise Republican Jesus. Your Republican friend Ceci sounds very very confused. She is a Republican because she loves life? Dude, I love life! That’s why I write you Hermano. Viva LIFE! Republicans get a life!

    1. I can only surmise that Ceci thinks the GOP can help her win, as their only endorsed candidate. Not the strategy I would have advised, but let’s see what happens.

      My own beliefs are far more progressive but there aren’t a lot of liberals in Santa Ana, so perhaps this approach will work for Ceci. She is running after all for a non partisan office.

  2. The preceding message was brought to you by Benavides, Pulido, Alvarez, Sarmiento, Tinajero, Martinez and all progressive Democrats. And oh yes, Republican Bustamante also! Lord knows that he terminated a few chunks of semen on the office floor. Forgive him Lord.

    1. You do realize that Benavides graduated from a Christian University, Biola, and he and Bustamante are best friends? Yet you’re supporting him for Mayor, aren’t you?

  3. I like Ceci she is a really nice lady but the last thing we need is another Rosie Avila on the school board. We are finally free of Rosie’s crazy train agenda, why bring it back with a clone of her?

    Gotta love Tommy playing the “Planned Parenthood card”…Oooooooo be scared!!! Nothing scarier than an organization that provides health care and education to millions of woman worldwide. Surely women should look to men like Thomas Gordon and Robert Hammond to make decisions about their bodies and reproductive rights, right?


    Art is correct. The Democrats did not welcome Ceci so she turned to the Republicanos. A womans gotta do what a womans gotta do.

    Art, What do you know about Nadia Davis Lockyer getting arrested in Orange last night? Do you think it’s possible to really quit Meth or is she going to be riding the big white horse all the way down to the bottom? Sad situation for that poor little boy. Thank goodness for Olive Crest and Orangewood and other places who care for orphins from abusive families.

  5. I am not supporting Benavides for Mayor. I do not know who he really is or what he stands for. Just as I do not really know who Mayor Pulido is or what he stands for.

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