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Media Advisory: Santa Ana USD children to shave their heads to conquer childhood cancers!

March 28, 2013 at Carr Intermediate School

Event: Students and teachers will BRAVE the SHAVE and go BALD during their Fourth Annual St. Baldrick’s Foundation Fundraising event.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation sponsors head-shaving events around the world by asking the simple question: How much money would you donate to conquer kids’ cancers to see me shave my head? Volunteer barbers donate their time and participants raise funds and then sit back and have their heads shaved in solidarity with kids who have been diagnosed with cancer. The money raised goes towards grants given to doctors and scientists who are dedicated to finding cures and treatments for infants, children, and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer.

This year, Carr is dedicating the event to a Carr 8th grade student who is currently battling Ewing Sarcoma. The media is invited to attend the event which is part of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation Conquer Childhood Cancers campaign. Participants will receive an “Ask Me Why I’m Bald” button to continue to increase awareness and raise funds after the event as well.

Who: Carr Intermediate School staff and students

When: Thursday, March 28, 2013
8:30 a.m.

Where: Carr Intermediate School
2120 W. Edinger Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92704


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15 thoughts on “SAUSD children at Carr to shave their heads to conquer childhood cancers!”
  1. At first glance this appears to be a noble act but I did a little research and found out from a friend who teaches there that most of the boys already have shaved heads! Maybe they should grow their hair out long or get good grades to show their spirit instead.

    1. You’re an ignorant idiot who doesn’t know the meaning if compassion. 6th fade GIRLS were shaving their head today. Oh wait, I forgot, they all have shaved heads.

    2. You’re an ignorant idiot who doesn’t know the meaning of or importance of teaching compassion. 6th grade GIRLS were shaving their heads today. One little girl did it to honor her mother who is battling cancer. But you’re right, go talk to the stupid friend of yours for your info.

    3. It is amazing how quick people are to judge and criticize without knowing the shavees. Maybe you should wait to see pictures/video of the event before you jump in to dismiss the students’ contributions. Most of the boys that shaved their hair actually had longer hair. So what if a few of them had shorter hair already? Does it always have to be an ULTIMATE sacrifice for it to count? When someone on the street asks you for money does it not count unless you provide the person with $20,000? All of these students are participating by fundraising for the cause as well. There were students who have raised hundreds of dollars for cancer research. Have you donated anything close to that? Have you shaved your hair off to stand in solidarity with children in our community who are battling cancer? Unless you personally speak with the shavees, please hold your insults so in the end you don’t come out to be the ignorant one.

  2. CARR = ‘C’an’t ‘A’dd, ‘R’ead, and W’R’ite for most of these students.

    A few years ago, disgraced Mr. Pat (aka: Mr. Patrick) shaved his head at CARR while he was the Principal at Valley…why? Mr. P, do you not get any attention at home? He doesn’t care about the students, he cares about making himself look good! It’s not surprising that he’s at Valley due to the fact that no one wanted the job. Mr. Pat, you left CARR in disarray and tried recruiting your own staff to go to Valley. Who in their right mind want to work for you??? I feel sorry for those staff members who followed your foot steps to Hell Valley High School.

    By the way parents, Mr. Pat was responsible for school uniforms. You can go to the DO and request that you don’t want your child to wear a school uniform. Maybe CARR won’t look like a prison once kids can wear what they want to wear, after all, they allow male students to have shaved heads. Parents, don’t subject yourself to this BS dress code of wearing uniforms…You have rights!!!

    1. Yes, lets let the kids wear what they want so even more kids get bullied about how they look or more kids get beat up over wearing gang colors. Did you know the school purchases most of the uniforms for students who can’t afford it? If uniforms weren’t into play, many if our students would not have sufficient clothes to wear. So yes, judge from your ignorant, shallow minded throne of stupidity. And who cares if staff wanted to follow Mr. Patrick. He didn’t “take” anyone. He offered, they followed! CARR…character, achievement, respect, responsibility….you should come by and see what a great school it is instead of judging.

      1. Meee,

        From the sounds of your poor rebuttal, I would have to say that your a correctional officer at CARR. Help me understand since Carr is a “feeder school” to Hell Valley High School, why has Mr. Pat implemented this??? Wait, because it wont fly the 70% of failing students and the community wont buy it. The dress code has no validity that it decreases school violence. CARR has no Character, has Low Achievement, no Respect, and no Admin. to take responsibility for the failing school. And, no, I’m not going to visit Carr until your API scores are above 800 and then I will put myself out there with a #2 on the sides and finger length on the top! These were Mr. Pat’s haircut standard that was shot down by DO!!!

        1. No, not a correctional officer, we don’t have those because we don’t need them! And you must be a Teacher in Santa Ana, because you know so much about uniforms and school violence and school culture and the correlation of these things?? I’m sure if our school systems had money and didn’t force us to teach 40+ students per class, and our students weren’t coming from broken homes and lives and dealing with REAL problems like parents in jail,sharing an apartment with 10 people, or starvation, our API scores would absolutely be over 800. And speaking of admin, our current admin is one of the strongest, and the working and educational environment is stronger than it ever has been. Our kids are proud, responsible, have character, and yes, while majority of them are below grade level, majority of them are doing the best they can given the many odds stacked against them. You are part of that stack as an ignorant elitist who wants to put others down and speaks about things you know absolutely nothing about. I’m willing to bet you’re a Caucasian male in the political world or business world who, if you have any kids of your own, puts them down and they will never be good enough to live up to your expecations. OR, you’re just a miserable washed up has been who makes him/herself feel better by enjoying the plight of others and you probably don’t like yourself very much. What school did you go to btw, because it’s you’re, not your. Even the 70% of my failing students know that much correct grammar : )).

  3. My Daughter was 1 of 9 GIRLS to Shave her head. It was an AMAZING day and everyone should be happy that kids are coming together to help out. 11-14 year old’s raising money to help find a cure. That’s what this is about.

    1. That’s not what I was doing when I was their age….it’s amazing that at such a young age they can empathize and go through with such a brave act. Your daughter must have been raised well : )

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