Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Tracy Clapp After
Tracy Clapp After

Tracy Clapp, a 36-year old Santa Ana woman, found out today that she is heading to prison for six years, for running over and killing Christopher Chavez, a 26-year old Santa Ana high school band teacher in a hit and run crash on April 20, according to the O.C. Register.

Clapp ran over Chavez as he was walking in a crosswalk at Bristol Street and Central Ave. at around 2:15 a.m. SAPD police investigators said that Clapp ran a red light, in her SUV, when she hit Chavez. She then took off after she saw that he was injured.

Christopher Chavez, RIP
Christopher Chavez, RIP

Chavez ended up at the Orange County Global Medical Center where he eventually was taken off life support when he was declared brain-dead.

The victim’s family and the SAPD turned to the public for help in identifying and finding Clapp. The tips came in and SAPD police investigators were close to catching Clapp when she sped off in a stolen car. The police pursued her and eventually stopped and arrested her, and of course she got into a fight with them.

Once Clapp was in custody the police found out that she had tried to hide from them by wearing blue contact lenses, dying her hair pink and even getting an awful face tattoo. She will now get to show off her ink to her fellow inmates for the next six years. And she will be marred by that tattoo for the rest of her misbegotten life. We hope it will remind her of what she did to Chavez.

Chavez was a drum line teacher at Santa Ana’s Saddleback High School and he was studying to become an emergency-medical technician.

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