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Santa Ana Police Department


A series of sexual assaults occurred in Santa Ana involving the same male suspect and three self-admitted female prostitute victims. One attack took place in August 2015, and two additional crimes happened in January 2016. In each assault, the suspect posed as a police officer and lured the victims into his car. The suspect then drove the victims to secluded locations, where he forcefully raped two of them. The third victim had escaped before the rape occurred.

On June 2, 2016, the Santa Ana Police Department released information to the public regarding the sexual assaults. Santa Ana Police detectives asked people to come forward with any tips that might lead to the suspect’s identification. As a result of the news release, Joseph Raymond Stanton, 42, of Long Beach, was identified as a possible suspect.

Santa Ana Police detectives gathered evidence confirming Stanton’s involvement in the assaults and arrested him on June 29th. The Orange County Distict Attorney’s Office charged Stanton with the kidnap and rape of two victims and the attempted rape of the third victim. DNA from the two completed rapes matched Stanton’s own DNA. Despite a bail amount of one million dollars, Stanton posted bail and was released from jail on June 30th.

On July 1st, Long Beach Police found Stanton, deceased due to apparent suicide, at an apartment in the 1200 block of 3rd Street, Long Beach. Stanton left suicide notes and previously told associates he was contemplating suicide. There was no evidence of foul play.

If you have additional information about this case, please contact Corporal Javier Aceves at 714-245-8542.


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6 thoughts on “Santa Ana serial rape suspect committed suicide after being released on bail”
  1. Posted a million dollars bail? I sure hope that it´s kept and not returned to whoever shows up and claims they posted it.

  2. I think the “”victims”” didn’t get paid. That’s why they called the cops…
    Ain’t that some shit

    1. I think your exactly right, they waited for a payment or dope they were promised , never came through, and filed a rape report

  3. Indeed his father – a respected professor at USC, and former county supervisor, must have posted bail.

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