Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Santa Ana’s City Council voted to give themselves a big pay raise – but the voters will have to approve it via a ballot measure that we will vote on in the upcoming November General Election, according to the O.C. Register.

Think about the last time you got a raise. Did you deserve it?  Probably – but did you ever get a raise despite not doing a good job?

Crime is out of control in our city. And our City Council not only hired an inexperienced police chief, they also vastly overpaid for a City Manager who got caught recently having a sexual relationship with a city employee.

Santa Ana City Council, Marijuana

How in the world are we supposed to reward this City Council with a pay raise? That is completely nuts!  It is as nuts as the pay raise and bonus the Council gave to the City Manager – and the bonuses they gave to top city executives.

Serving on the City Council is a part time job. They are supposed to have actual jobs. Two of the Council Members work for non-profits. One of them, Roman Reyna, appears to be under-employed. One is a teacher. Another just retired from his teaching job. One is a lawyer whose family makes a lot of money off seedy bars. And the Mayor, Miguel Pulido, is a consultant and an engineer.

If this City Council cannot figure out how to make their ends meet they should quit the Council and work on their careers.


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5 thoughts on “Voters should reject a pay raise for the Santa Ana City Council”
  1. A raise? From where? They gave tons of money to Cavazos (Cabezon)…There is no more left! This is not these idiots full time job!! If you need more money get a second real job. Besides they get so much cash under the table for favors and votes!

  2. We have one of the most highly compensated City Managers and now these greedy City Council members want to increase their salaries? They have day jobs that pay them their salaries. They shouldn’t be extending their hands out more than they already have. These Council Members also draw major benefits from being on the council like auto allowances, medical and dental benefits. This link shows how much they are getting http://www.santa-ana.org/compensation/default.asp
    If we increase their “salary” are they going to forgo these other benefits? I also think they should eliminate all pay and benefits for Council Members like Tustin. That’s where true dedication to public service will shine through.

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