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On 08/03/20, Fountain Valley Police Department Officers responded to the 16000 Block of Watershed Drive, where a bicycle was stolen from a garage. The victim explained that the bicycle was a custom built mountain bike worth $17,000.

On 08/05/20, the mountain bike was located for sale on Offer Up for $1,000 by a male suspect, later identified as Angel Santa-Maria, a 26-year-old resident of Santa Ana.

FVPD Detectives arranged to purchase the bike at a predesignated location and Santa-Maria arrived a short time later while riding the bicycle. Detectives recovered the mountain bike and arrested and booked Santa-Maria into the Orange County Jail for burglary, grand theft, and possession of stolen property. (DR# 20-24843).

With more people cycling during the pandemic for exercise, the Fountain Valley Police Department reminds residents to keep a record of their bicycle make, model, serial number, and photograph of their bicycle. This type of information is critical when investigating a reported bicycle theft.

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9 thoughts on “Santa Ana man arrested after trying to sell an expensive stolen bike”
  1. Who ever reported their bike stolen and had the police go out and actually recover it must have had friends in the department or lived in an upscale area. Very seldom does anyone recover items that were stolen, usually it takes over a day for them to come out and take a report. I’ve had my car stolen and they never recovered it.

    1. Who ever keeps their serial number, make model and photos to actually have evidence to report it though? You have to be aggressive. The police don’t care unless you are persistent!!!

  2. Ppfftt… Lmao!! Hes going to have to work if he wants to eat right in jail.. Hes lookin at 6months county time.. Unless he LOOOVVVESSS peanut butter and jelly for breakfast lunch and dinner for the ramining 6months ahead of him.. Lil dummy shouldve kept it. Haha give him a clown bike and make it ride it home

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