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Rosario Marin and her GOP pals

Rosario Marin, who worked for Gov. Wilson during the Prop. 187 campaign, is now promoting Roman Reyna

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday that repeals unenforceable provisions of Proposition 187, the two-decade-old measure that sought to withhold public services from immigrants in the country illegally, according to the L.A. Times.

Ironically Santa Ana Councilman Roman Reyna announced today that Rosario Marin, a Republican who served as President George W. Bush’s U.S. Treasurer, would be the keynote speaker at a Reyna for Mayor campaign reception on Sep. 23.  Marin worked as Governor Pete Wilson’s chief of Legislative Affairs for the Department of Developmental Services starting in 1996 and in 1997, she was named deputy director of Govern Wilson’s Office of Community Relations. In that position Marin had to defend the administration’s support for Prop. 187, according to Wikipedia.Roman Reyna and Carlos Bustamante

Roman Reyna enraptured by his old friend Carlos Bustamante, the last Republican to serve on the Santa Ana City Council

Talk about awkward timing. Just as Gov. Brown is flushing away what remains of Prop. 187, the lady who promoted 187 is now promoting Reyna for Mayor of Santa Ana.  But hold the presses, Marin also resigned in shame back in 2009, from a $175,000-a-year post in the Gov. Schwarzenegger administration, after the L.A. Times revealed that she had earned tens of thousands of dollars giving motivational speeches while working for Schwarzenegger. She was paid to speak by two pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer Inc. and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., that had business before her agency within the same period.

Rosario Marin promoted Bush Cheney

Rosario Marin was also part of the Bush Cheney Administration

Why in the world is Reyna hanging out with the likes of Marin?  Well don’t forget that Reyna’s ally on the City Council, David Benavides, honored Minuteman Lupe Moreno a few years ago, after she led a right-wing takeover of the City’s 4th of July event.  We dubbed that scandal “Hatergate” and it exploded.  The uproar over that disaster compelled the City of Santa Ana to take over the 4th of July event from Moreno and the other Tea Partiers who had seized control.


Reyna’s reception by the way is not being held in Santa Ana.  It is being hosted by Don Garcia, the former Mayor of Aliso Viejo, who came in dead last place in 2012, according to Smart Voter.  Garcia has since moved to Irvine and the Reyna party will be held at his home, located at 40 Salt Bush.

Reyna’s reception is being hosted by a committee that includes top Republican funder Dale Dykema, a longtime member of the Orange County Lincoln Club; and Tina Aldatz, another Republican funder who is a member of the GOP’s New Majority.

Roman Reyna event with Rosario Marin

For years Mayor Pulido’s detractors have accused him of being too close to the Republicans, but what are we to make of Reyna now that he has been caught red-handed hanging out with a bunch of Republicans in Irvine?

And why did Reyna think any of this was a good idea when he is running for office in an overwhelmingly Democratic city?

Rosario Marin and George W. Bush

But this mess gets even worse.  Why are Santa Ana Council Members Angie Amezcua, David Benavides, Michele Martinez and Sal Tinajero attending this event and hanging out with a Prop. 187 supporter who had to resign in disgrace from the Schwarzenegger administration?

If you would like to express your disgust with the actions of these Council Members please contact them right away and give them a peace of your mind:

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18 thoughts on “Republican who once promoted Prop. 187 is now backing Roman Reyna for Mayor”
  1. I think your trying to create something that isn’t there. There is no comparison as too all the dirty deeds Miguel Pulido has done to benifit himself. Including the most recent land swap at least Marin had the desency to resign where as Pulido believes he’s done no wrong.
    You of all ppl know politics makes for strange collaborations. No one in this polical environment can exclusively isolate themselves w their party therefore democrats have to work w the other side. It’s called bipartisan (isn’t that a good thing). Your ill attempt to insight distrust isn’t palpable.

    1. Oh it’s there alright. This is not going to go well for Reyna. Remember that our recent Mosquito Gate coverage netted over 60,000 views in 3 days.

    2. Lou, you are an a$$hole! You want to praise Reyna for trying to work both sides. O.C.Republicans and Democrats at the same time? That is what Pulido shamefully does and stands for absolutely notning except the corrupt status quo. People like you make real voters vomit!!!!!!! D.A. rack a cack should be water boarded! And the whole county government taken to the wood shed and the firing lines. Jerk off wasteoids!!!! When is the O.C. going to desire progressiveism instead of B.S. distractions? Reyna is going to choke for status quo pulido. That’s the O.C. for you.

  2. I think this speaks to a couple of things:

    1) Desperation: I NEED MONEY BAD!
    2) An effort by the hosts to inch their way back into revalence (who better to use than some desperate Mexicans from Santa Ana). In other words Roman is an easy Mark.
    3) Roman and his “advisors” must feel any exposure is good exposure. and maybe scape up some uninformed Republican votes along the way.

    I wonder if this is the nicest house Roman, David and Michele have ever eaten at? This place is a FAR cry from Townsend Street

    1. Actually Benavides and Bustamante once ate at the White House by invitation of the Bush/Cheney administration. It was a Cinco De Mayo event.

  3. This was all put together by Hispanic 100. The conservative PAC who, if I remember correctly held an event at councilmember Sarmiento’s house a few years ago. Vince and then Assemblyman Jose Solorio took a big hit according to some DPOC members and bloggers many of the left in the county were outraged.

    Maybe that’s why Vince is distancing himself this time. The others need money, jobs and will do ANYTHING with anyone to get it.

    I wonder if they invited the “Boys and Men of color”

    1. Speaking of carpetbagging. When do you break the story about the Fountain Valley resident running for Santa Ana city council?

      1. Give up a name? WHO CARES you are anonymous?

        I saw that Orange Resident, Art Lomeli has been talking with former Santa Ana councilmember John Acosta, Himself a convicted criminal and SaCRED leader. What is it with these out of town “Do-Gooders”.

        Maybe we should rely on Art Lomeli, a Millionaire Orange Dentist, A couple of Newport developers (Harrah, Chase and Jackoworski) , and now the HISPANIC 100 to dictate how Santa Ana should be run.

        BTW, didn’t Adam Elehmark grow up in affluent Mission Viejo (and take FREE TUITION at CSUF).

        How about some homegrown candidates BETTER than Roman and Michele.

  4. I voted for 187 and it was a disappointment it did helped the crack down of the border at San Diego but people came in here and took jobs by coming through Arizona and Texas. 187 had it wrong you had to punished the companies not the immigrants as much. Fines fo thousands of dollars and developing a system to check false Id’s would have corrected the problem. The right always complains about illegal immigration but supports business interest that have been hiring people here illegality in Orange County for the past 30 years. The Tea Party right in OC is real dumbed and its a shame that more moderate Republicans are not able to replaced them thanks to big bucks coming from the Koch Brothers.In fact now some service jobs and some construction jobs are very dependent upon immigrants anyways until soem robotics or something else destroy the demand for low skilled labor.

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