Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Looks like the Trumpers are coming to Santa Ana this Friday, April 24, for a protest against what they are calling the “Unconstitutional Lock Down” – a reference to the current health orders regarding COVID-19.

The protest is set for 1 p.m. at the City Place shopping center, at the corner of N. Main St. and Memory Lane, at 2777 N. Main St.

These protests have been taking place elsewhere in Orange County. The protestors are generally not engaging in social distancing and are not using face masks for the most part.

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16 thoughts on “Open Up CA protest coming to Santa Ana on April 24”
  1. How do you know they are Trumpers? Couldn’t they just be regular people who are worried about feeding their kids after their money runs out?

        1. We want to go…and no we definitely aren’t a Trumper…part of that would be that we actually plan to VOTE for “that guy”…which we don’t.

  2. last i checked either was the people inside walmart and target ! mask and social distancing is a joke ! last year over 34,000 people dies from the flu but the media didnt tell u to live in fear !

    1. It’s protection theatre. Like the TSA is security theatre. Whatever gets the masses to “feel” safe.

    2. Ok 34,000 die in a year time from the flu , 90,000 die in just the last 5 months from Covid-19!

  3. People is insane. Healthcare workers are working hard for nothing. If you guys go and get infected, plz die in silence.

  4. Okay the longer ppl are out and about go God knows what we’re going to be stuck in the house. Bro just stay inside. You have like 2 more weeks come one now don’t be dumb.

  5. This whole circus has to stop every clown believing in the main stream media, doing everything that Fauci says and Bill Gates. Is ridiculous all the American men need to stand up get in the front lines and put a stop ✋ to now. Don’t expect are American women to do are job, MEN are job is to protect are women and children, From being in a communist country, not get forced vaccinations Fight for are freedom to work and are children to get a education and not walk in street in fear.

    1. Learn how to spell. Sounds like your in need of an education. Oh and………..yeah you guessed WRITE lol ( RIGHT)

  6. Trumpers or not; Two things are infinite; the Universe and Human Stupidity. And I am Not sure about the Universe. Einstein.

  7. Has anyone asked these dumpsters what they actually did for a living that brings them to act like complete asses and put other people’s lives in danger?

  8. We are in support of Life and Life more abundantly. It seems to me Prayer Vigil in Honor of Our Lord and the Spirit of Life always at work to surround us all is what we need to focus as we gather to Honor what is our birthright.

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