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Editor’s Note: The press release below is a follow-up to the appearance by Korean bible instructor Man Hee Lee at the Christ (formerly Crystal) Cathedral in Garden Grove on July 21.  The New Santa Ana blog’s coverage of that event was referenced in a Washington Times article about Lee that was published on July 31.


Korean Instructor Lee Man Hee from Shinchonji Testifies to the Revealed Fulfillment of Revelation

July 23, 2012

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — Korean Christian instructor Man Hee Lee knocked out more than one hundred pastors and thousands of Christians coast to coast with his powerful testimony about the Book of Revelation’s fulfillment. His California Open Bible Seminar tour began at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA drawing over 1,500 attendees who came to hear his testimony and concluded in central California where he spoke to over a 100 pastors at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bakersfield, CA.

The seminar’s content regarded the events of fulfillment that were testified to as seen, heard, and commanded, things that never happened before and will never happen again.

In South Korea, where church membership has been decreasing dramatically, more than three thousand believers come to Shinchonji church every month to hear the Revealed Word from Instructor Lee, and the number is increasing rapidly.

Bakersfield pastors specially invited Instructor Lee, 82, to make their city his last stop on a world speaking tour, in which he gave seminars in Garden Grove, Calif., Los Angeles, New York, Belgium and Germany over the last two months. This year marks his second invitation to speak in Europe, and it seems many more churches and denominations around the world are eager to invite him in the near future.

Instructor Lee said the Revealed Word testified at this seminar is the testimony given to believers who have been waiting for the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise. The promises of Jesus fulfilled in South Korea according to the prophecy, “…the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” It was clear the Holy Spirit was working through the instructor as he testified to the Revealed Word.

A Q&A time after the seminar allowed Instructor Lee to clearly answer every single question from attendees, addressing even more questions through interviews with the press afterward. All types of churches and denominations are rushing to invite Instructor Lee to speak. Many pastors are now participating in a follow-up class that further investigates the Revealed Word and Revelation.

The purpose and will of God in the New Testament is to create God’s kingdom, the 12 Tribes. Once this is fulfilled, God’s 6,000 years of work comes to a completion. The highest Truth of humanity, that God is with, is being testified to at Shinchonji, God’s promised Kingdom.

Seminar Instructor: Christian Instructor Man Hee Lee of South Korea

For more information:

Phone: (310) 564-6158
Email: openbibleseminar@gmail.com
Website: www.worldopenseminar.com


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29 thoughts on “Man Hee Lee heads to Bakersfield after appearing in Garden Grove”
  1. It’s so amazing that Man Hee Lee came all the way from Korea to speak all over the world. I can see that he really has a heart for the whole world to come to an understanding of God’s word and to believe in the fulfillment. I heard that there are a lot of people doing the follow up studies to learn more and I might join in as well. There are a lot of people who don’t agree with Lee’s testimony, but isn’t is better to listen and learn from him than someone else’s opinion?

  2. I can’t believe Man Hee Lee traveled basically the whole world in the last two months! 82 years old and working so hard..I can definitely see that he really is a true man of God. He works so hard just to testify to the Word of God.
    All his seminars are always completely free and he really doesn’t ask for anything from his listeners except an open heart and an ear to listen.

    And what an amazing event! I can’t believe so many pastors gathered to listen to his words and accepted it! Hallelujah! If people who have been studying God’s word as their career can accept this Word, what more can we really say??

  3. This is a great article. I really hope Man Hee Lee returns to America soon. Hearing him the first time I wasn’t able to fully comprehend everything…but still at the same time, everything sounded so clear! I need to hear him again. Any suggestions??

  4. With so many interpretations of Revelation going on, this one must be special, esp that all those pastors showed up and that he is able to field all those questions??

  5. This is really interesting but in a good way. What an impact it seems he has made. I am bummed I wasn’t there… how do I learn more?

  6. Revelation has been fulfilled, it is an important event in the history of mankind.
    And all mankind is what you need to know.
    Hope to hear a lot of people to realize.

  7. Revelation coming where you can find many believers coming.
    Fish can live out of water, just as believers flock here to find the true word of truth is coming.

  8. Emergence as Revelation and Revelation as consisting of evidence and the reality is, Jesus was sent to the churches, for the leader of the peace-minded objective to give thanks.

  9. Evidence of the revelation of the Word and with the true God because everyone have opened the way to be saved.
    This is really the best word of truth is coming out.

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