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Press Release: Friday, December 3, 2010 Time: 10:30 AM

Contacto: Denis O’Leary: (805) 4071987 and Thomas Gonzalez (562) 397-8118


The Moscone Center
747 Howard Street,
San Francisco, CA 94103

The League of United Latin American Citizens has declared there is a crisis in education and calls for immediate legislative reform to advance the majority Latino population in California’s public education. California legislators and administrators must make changes that will enable Latinos to participate fully in the American Dream. Benny Diaz, LULAC State Director says, “It is high time that students are made a priority and that the curriculum reflect the immediate needs of Latino children for an education that will put a halt to the staggering number of dropouts and incarcerations of Latino youth.” LULAC State and National leaders will call for substantial reform in California’s educational system. Further, LULAC will demand greater legislative and administrative accountability in the furtherance of an equitable educational system for Latinos that includes:

* Economic stability in school districts located in poorer communities.
*Parent training classes: voluntary and mandatory
* Eliminating periods 1-6, to create block learning
* Clear academic objectives for each grade level in elementary school
* Enforce physical education and healthy food requirements in public schools
* Middle School retention classes for failing students;
* Dropout prevention programs beginning in middle school
* Bilingual instruction.
* Equity in educational materials.
* Greater English language learner support.
* Vastly improved counseling services
* Expand vocational training for non-college bound students
* Reform in high stakes testing
* Ed. funding sources: repeal Prop. 13, tax on oil companies

LULAC will announce its concerns at the Annual conference of the California School Board Association in San Francisco, California. This conference attracts School Board Members throughout California’s roughly 1,000 public school districts. Attendees also includes leaders in education and State legislators.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest and largest Hispanic membership organization in the country, advances the economic conditions, educational attainment, political influence, health, housing and civil rights of Hispanic Americans through community-based programs operating at more than 800 LULAC councils nationwide.


Viernes Diciembre 3, 2010 10:30 AM

Contacto: Denis O’Leary: (805) 4071987 and Thomas Gonzalez (562) 397-8118

Comunicado de Prensa

The Moscone Center
747 Howard Street,
San Francisco, CA 94103

La Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos (LULAC) en California declara que hay una crisis en el sistema educativo y hace un llamado para una reforma legislativa inmediata para transformar la educación pública en California. LULAC dice que los legisladores y los administradores deben realizar cambios que permitan a los latinos participar plenamente en el sueño americano. Benny Díaz, Director Estatal de LULAC, dice, “Ya es hora de que los estudiantes sean una prioridad. Que el nuevo plan educativo refleje las necesidades inmediatas de los niños Latinos por una educación que ponga fin al alto índice de estudiantes que no terminan la secundaria y por ende, terminar con el encarcelamientos de jóvenes latinos en vez de ser educados.. ” LULAC requerirá una reforma sustancial y profunda en el sistema educativo de California. Además, LULAC demanda una mayor responsabilidad legislativa y administrativa en la promulgación de un sistema equitativo de educación para los Latinos que incluya:

* La estabilidad económica en los distritos escolares ubicados en las comunidades más pobres.
* Clases de entrenamiento para padres: voluntarios y obligatorios
* La eliminación de períodos de 1-6, para crear el bloque de aprendizaje
* Claro los objetivos académicos de cada nivel de grado en la escuela primaria
* La re- enfatización de la educación física y las necesidades de alimentos saludables en las escuelas públicas
* Clases de retención para los estudiantes de la escuela media o middle School
* Programas de prevención de abandono de los estudiantes a partir de la escuela media
* La instrucción bilingüe como programa de inmersión.
* Equidad en los materiales educativos.
* Mayor énfasis en apoyar a los estudiantes en el idioma Inglés
* Mejoramiento y expansión los servicios de consejería para los estudiantes
* Expansión de la formación técnica profesional para estudiantes que no irán ser parte del sistema universitario
* Reforma de los examines y pruebas de graduación
* Fuentes de financiamiento para la Educación: derogar la Proposición 13, el impuesto a las compañías petroleras
* Especial impuesto para corporaciones que dicen ser nacionales pero con oficinas corporativas fuera de California o el país

LULAC dará a conocer su preocupación por la conferencia anual de la Asociación de Juntas Escolares de California en San Francisco, California. Esta conferencia atrae a los miembros del Consejo Escolar a lo largo de aproximadamente 1.000 de California distritos de escuelas públicas. Los asistentes también incluye a los líderes de los legisladores la educación y el Estado.

La Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos, (LULAC) es la organización más antigua y más grande de membrecía hispana en el país. LULAC lucha por los avances de las condiciones económicas, los logros educativos, influencia política, salud, vivienda y los derechos civiles de los hispanoamericanos a través de programas comunitarios que operan en más de 800 concilios en de todo el país.

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9 thoughts on “LULAC declares a crisis in education that is hurting Latino youth”
  1. What a bunch of ideological pigs: after getting through all their bullS@#$ it comes to one thing and one thing only: Bilingual education!

    I really hate these people, they could not care less about the students, just as in Europe with the Euro mess it call comes down to a bunch of CRAZY ethnocentric bas##$ and their dream of a MEXICAN World in California!

    Bilingual education does not work and it will never work!!!!

    scum bags!

  2. And by the way: Schools who have a high majority of hispanic students getting far more funding than schools with English learners! That is a fact!

    No more money for SAUSD! Just accountable parents and a school district run like a private entity!

    No more money needed! It would be money down the drain!!!!

    1. The Dream Act won’t cost us anything. It will in fact help us as many young people will be able to finish college, get jobs, and of course pay taxes.

  3. Bilingual education ended a long time ago. The only bilingual education in Santa Ana is in very few schools that offer a dual immersion program (although dual immersion isn’t exactly the same as bilingual).

  4. The Dream Act is a shell case for adults up to the age of 35 to become dependent on the American system! Alot of these student’s are Chicano studies students and they will do nothing but become a hispanic ACLU!

    Its evident all around us and that is why the large majority of people encluding myself do not support this Act!

    It’s a dream for the far left socalist to have more far left socalist’s that become citizens!

  5. Yes, there is a crisis in education, but it is BECAUSE of illegal latinos. Bringing over a third world attitude in education, the parents have no ability to help the student. The parents don’t even bother learning the English, because they feel that they and their kids should be catered to. I’m tired of seeing the school district I grew up in, which used to be exemplary is now just passable, ALL because of illegal kids and their parents. I say it is time to kick out all IA’s and their parents, so LEGAL, ENGLISH speaking kids can have a good education, like we used to before the invasion.

  6. So LULAC proposes paying for the advancement of Latino Youths by repealing Prop 13. Illegal aliens are impacting classes in college and now they want to force the seniors in California to pay for Latino Youths advancement. Prop 13 was enacted in 1978 so that older Californians should not be priced out of their homes through high taxes.

    LULAC you put Latino Youths above American Youths, above the welfare of our grandparents and it is all out war. You think your sob stories are going to carry weight when the grandmas and grandpas start coming out with the impact this would do to them.

  7. First of all just to clear a couple of things up:

    It is not an invasion! It is the rich screwing you over! The rich doctor in hospitals like CHOC that is funded mostly with Caloptima money (medical). St. Josephs sisters have their own Social Justice Center aimed COMPLETELY at the advocation of amnesty!

    From the churches, local governments, from public institutions the poor from Mexico need them! Americans Citizens don’t!

    There is no invasion; it is Capitalism and socialism combined for wealth!

    The poor are good for business! All sorts of business! From Governments to Corp’s they expand and aid business!

    They don’t care about your grandma/grandpa unless they are the underserved and the needy!

    If grandpa/grandma is hispanic they should be just fine!

  8. We have adult IAs from around the world arriving with and without kids. Many of whom can’t read or write in their own languages. How can any rational person believe it becomes the duty of American taxpayers to educate these people?

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