Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

I wonder how many of those Irvine residents that showed up at the O.C. Board of Supervisors meeting this week to complain about the homeless will be at church this Easter Sunday praising Jesus – who pretty much asked his followers to take care of the poor?

It is one of the dichotomies of conservative Christian Orange County. There are churches all over the place but they minister, for the most part, to the well-off and mostly ignore the downtrodden.

There are, to be fair, still a few churches and local religious organizations that do feed the homeless and provide assistance, such as the OC Rescue Mission and the O.C. Catholic Worker. But imagine if every church in Orange County took in 3-5 homeless people? We could get them all off the streets!

Remember also that churches take up a lot of land in our County and they avoid paying most taxes.

Could our churches do more to help with the homeless problem? Could they be part of the solution? Will churchgoers ever truly embrace what Jesus bade them to do? His positions were after all more like those of Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump. Jesus was essentially a socialist.

One thing for sure. Local churches will be packed this Easter Sunday. And the homeless crisis will continue to be a major problem here in Santa Ana and just about all over Southern California.

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3 thoughts on “Imagine if every church in Orange County took in a few homeless people…”
  1. That’s like saying Imagine if every Sheriffs deputy in Orange County helped a homeless person with weekly bus passes. U would have a very tough proposition to sell. A Church is supposed to B for innocent persons, who R not the subject of some serious excessive
    force through a zero tolerance mindset. Lord have Mercy on all of us. Praise Jesus !!!

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