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The family and friends of Edwin Fuentes, the U.S. Army Veteran whose life was cut short on May 16, 2017, in Tustin when the police opened fire on him, are trying to raise money to pay for his funeral. Even though he served our country for six years the V.A. is not covering his funeral costs. Fuentes left behind his wife and a 1-year old son. Click here to donate to the effort.

Edwin Fuentes

Donations will also be accepted this Saturday, May 27, at 16282 E. Main St., Apt 1F, in Tustin, starting at 10 a.m. and on Sunday, May 28, a car wash will be held at Zoe’s Car Wash, located at 1319 N. Main St., in Santa Ana, starting at 8 a.m. They will also be raffling a new MK purse.


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10 thoughts on “Effort underway to help pay for the funeral of slain U.S. Army Veteran Edwin Fuentes”
  1. The VA will cover the cost of burial in a VA cemetery. The family refuses to have him buried there and want him buried privately. The VA won’t cover that. It’s not the VA, it’s the family that is causing a cost they can’t afford.

    1. Yes, in Riverside. Edwin would’ve wanted to be at a local cemetery. Where he grew up and his family and friends are. This way we’ll be able to visit him frequently. He did leave behind a wife (my close friend) and a one year old son. Would you want to drive for an hour, in California traffic with a one year old baby probably crying & with car motion sickness? I didn’t think so. You don’t have to support the cause if you don’t agree. But just so you’re aware Edwin served the country for 6 years, therefore he deserves to be buried where he desired not where the VA is willing to pay which is why we’re doing everything in our power to make that happen .

      1. It’s not a matter of supporting the cause or not. The tone of the article suggests the VA is doing something personal to Mr. Fuertes by not providing funding for a private space and that is not the case. The VA is following their own rules, which are fair. Perhaps someday, the efforts of Veterans in this county will be successful in creating a VA cemetery here in Orange County so families won’t have to travel so far. I hope the family is able to raise the funds to keep Edwin close to them.

  2. Why is the person raising money attacking the police? It states “After a 3 hr standoff, (the police) decided he wasn’t worth saving”. I’m grateful for the service this man made for this beautiful country and it pains me that he had to live and ultimately die because of the trauma he suffered doing so. I also feel for the officers because if I remember correctly he was armed and even discharged his weapon prior to the officers taking action. It seems as though the person who is seeking assistance in burring him locally, is blaming the police! I’m torn, because I want to support this man as a thank you for what he did for our country, however I don’t support the way that the person who wrote the post is playing the victim.

    1. It has to be tough to lose a loved one in this fashion. I don’t blame the police either. If anything this is the fault of a U.S. military that has not been able to help soldiers with PTSD.

      1. The bureaucracy has done little to help, true. However, there are many organizations such as Our Heroes Dreams and others that do help. The problem is getting veterans to face their own demons. Many are in denial or are afraid to reach out. It’s up to family and friends to force the issue sometimes. That can be as difficult to deal with when family members also don’t know where to turn for help. In this county, we have a Veterans Service Officer who can help. Also, every American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars post in the county has either a VSO or someone trained to help veterans in need to connect with the right people and organizations. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out. There is someone there to help.

    2. All he wanted to do is talk to his wife. The police officers took her phone away, if that wouldn’t have happened he would have still been alive . He just wanted someone to talk to that wasn’t pointing a gun at him . Just to let you know HE CALLED THE COPS ON himself ! . He just needed help . Imagine going to a country that you don’t even know and getting blown up in a humvee and seeing your colleagues die ! Killing people ,killing kids ! Now I’m not saying all of this happen to him (some of it did ) but it happens in this line of work. And it sucks coming back home all traumatized not knowing how to cope with it . He got killed by his own city cops . These cops didnt even try !!!! If they did he would have still been alive and I wouldnt be writing this. They could have at least let the wife talk him out of it but he got nothing but a stupid comment saying he’s not worth saving ! Everyone is WORTH SAVING EVEN YPU MR
      NO pies Wow ! He loved the city of TUSTIN , it would be a great honor to see him buried closer to home . Just imagine it was someone you knew or even or one of your kids , brothers,sister ,cousin ,uncle and etc.. how far would you go to raise money for he/she’s burial closer to home ? If you can donate Mr.no pues Wow it would be highly appreciated by everyone who loved and got to know this young man .

  3. This family should be thankful the VA is even offering services due to his circumstances.

    1. Why wouldn’t they? This veteran clearly needed help. We can say that now as we armchair quarterback this and have more information than the officers on scene. The circumstances were, whether anyone wants to face the facts or not, dynamic to say the least. A better outcome was hoped by all. I don’t believe for a minute that the officer who was forced to shoot this veteran will carry that on his conscience for the rest of his life. The family will wonder why it occurred, not understanding those same dynamics that led to the shooting. But, thank God, the VA looks only at the fact this man served his country in true patriotic fashion, only to lose his life under tragic circumstances beyond anyone’s control. So, why would you think the VA would or should look at anything beyond Edwin Fuertes life. I thank him for hiservice, his family for their sacrifice and wish it had not turned out this way.

  4. Please keep your personal opinions to your self wether or not you agree or disagree with the circumstances only the persons at the scene truly understand and know what happened everything else we read is second hand formation.You want to donate, then Donate and help a veteran regardless of the how’s or why’s..I believe he at least deserves that, but if You don’t want to donate for whatever reasons DON’T and keep any unnecessary comments to yourself. This veterant does not deserve to be judge based on his last act but by the 6 years he serve this country.

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