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The 69th Assembly District is Orange County’s most Latino legislative district and it is currently represented by Jose Solorio, a former Santa Ana City Council Member and OCTA lobbyist. But in this month’s Open Primary Election the candidate who got the most votes was Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly. That was due in part to the presence of four Latino candidates on the ballot – all Democrats except for one Republican. But did Daly come out on top because the Latino candidates failed to attack him?

The Latino candidate who got the most votes overall was Republican candidate Jose “Joe” Moreno, who spent almost no money on his campaign. The runner-up so far is union hack Julio Perez. Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez is behind Perez and Santa Ana gadfly Francisco Barragan is in last place. Like Moreno he did not campaign much, and he paid the price on a ballot chock full of other better known and better funded Democrats.

Perez spent a lot of money attacking Martinez during the campaign, but he gave Daly a free pass. And Martinez spent a fortune promoting herself, including mailing out a magazine about her life. But she, like Perez, gave Daly a free pass.

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8 thoughts on “Did Martinez and Perez lose because they failed to attack Tom Daly?”
  1. I think Daly won because he gave away Pot Holders and because he has a nice family with kids and because he worked as a Cleaning Man at Harvard which shows he’s one of the people. That is why he won.

    1. LOL! Never underestimate the power of pot holders. You may have a point about the family issue. Moreno has a nice family too – but the losers in this contest – Perez and Martinez, don’t. Barragan is divorced, from what I recall, and has an adult child, but he was a non sequitur in this contest.

    1. She ran a good ground game and I thought that as the only woman she would do better, but Perez’ attacks focused on her and he vastly outspent her.

      That’s OK as Perez lost too…

      And by the way I was helping Joe Moreno throughout the primary as well. Hedging my bets.

  2. It is always someone else not Martinez.

    I have another prediction for you Art, if she will be challenged two years from now in the city election she will lose again.

    Obviously you will blame her opponents too.

    1. That is hard to say actually. The first time she ran she was vastly outspent by her opponents, but she won. The second time she was not challenged.

      Could she be beat in two years? Sure. But beating incumbents in our town is not easy and it rarely happens. If Pulido supports her and the rest of his cast does too, she will be tough to beat.

      Your greater concern should be that Perez is thinking of running for the Council this November. We must make sure to stop him again!

  3. “Your greater concern should be that Perez is thinking of running for the Council this November”……. Hmmmmmm

    So what?

    At least we will have two dumb heavy weights on the council.

  4. “The first time she ran she was vastly outspent by her opponents, but she won.”……. Hmmmmmm

    She got about half of votes which I got, 10,000 running against Pulido.

    You got recently more votes than Eleazar yet neither of us spent a penny on the election.

    Meg Whitman outspend Brown by Millions and lost.

    Therefore, the money have nothing to do with an election outcome. It is just excuse made by losers.

    Rocco actually won one election and got plenty of votes as supervisory candidate even though there was well published shoplifting trial against him.

    Martinez won based on Rocco phenomenon and she wrongly interpreted her victory and three month after election was as corrupt as any one on the council.

    Now she is just empty skirt on the council.

    She will only win if there is bad candidate against her and Pulido will be irrelevant — maybe investigated and answering to the grand jury, by then.

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