Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

The Orange County Voter Registrar updated the Open Primary Election results tonight at 5 pm and the bad news for liberal union hack Julio Perez is that he is still over 500 votes behind Republican Jose “Joe” Moreno, who spent almost no money on his campaign.  Perez spent thousands and also benefited from a multitude of independent expenditures spent on his behalf by unions.

It is becoming clear that Perez is going to lose as he is not making up any ground as the votes continue to be tallied.  This is no surprise to those of us who remember when the unions unloaded on behalf of former SAUSD Trustee Nativo Lopez, when he was facing a recall.  The union money failed then too as Lopez was indeed recalled.

I am hearing rumors that Perez’ allies in labor are going to try to run him for a Santa Ana City Council seat if in fact he does end up losing his race for the 69th Assembly District.  He apparently carpetbagged in his Assembly race so I guess he is open to carpetbagging again for a Council seat.

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9 thoughts on “O.C. Open Primary Election results updated and Perez is still losing”
  1. what about Martinez ?
    the polls are showing it… an rc track and 3/4 of orange county is behind you …if you would only listen …remember when you were in my dad’s 57 convertible chevy during some parade here in the city and said we will get this track going….still waiting

    1. The city’s budget problems have put a real crimp on their parks and rec department. Don’t hold your breath on this one.

      Martinez lost because she failed to attack Tom Daly.

  2. I agree with Cruz. R.C. vehicles are fun and safe for the whole family. Why not build a downtown track through the Arts Village and another at the Centennial Heritage Museum. I’d love to race around those old houses. That would be so awesome. There is one old house that is not even used. You could turn it into a Big Ol Hobby shop and sell R.C. cars to kids and dads. Are you people down with my idea? I’m hear you Cruz and I think you are right on brother.

  3. Just trying to bring a new and bright idea for Santa Ana and our troubled youths around the city, we don’t even have a hobby shop here in the city it’s very sad….thanks for your support brother….and I voted for you Art…..

    1. I think your next step should be to write an executive summary, submit it to Gerardo Mouet, and request to speak to the Parks and Rec Commission.

  4. “Martinez lost because she failed to attack Tom Daly.”…… Hmmmmmm

    That is probably the most stupid statement from the aspiring Mr. politico pro yet.

    Maybe she should blacked his left eye…. that would do.

    Fact is that Martinez is street smart but not politically smart.

    1. Look at the results in the 72nd A.D. Travis Allen went negative on Troy Edgar at the end and it worked. Allen trumped Joe Dovinh.

      If Michele had pointed out how awful Daly is, I believe she would have come in second. She didn’t and she lost.

  5. “Allen trumped Joe Dovinh”……. Hmmmmmmm

    I do not see any relationship.

    Look I will repeat this once again!

    There were 4,000+ Ron Paul followers in Fullerton stadium on short 2 days notice.

    There are probably 20,000 who did not vote because there was no candidate.

    If Martinez wouldn’t be dumb-head she would sent them little postcard and tell them that she is too Ron Paul’s enthusiast.

    You got it, Art?

    If yes than stop this nonsense about stacking Daly or waiting for Latino vote or being only a woman in the race.

    She have to stop being this leftist activist shrouded by the youth.

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