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Jose “Joe” Moreno, Candidate the 69th Assembly District
Press Release, For Immediate Release
June 11, 2012
Jose “Joe” Moreno to request an investigation of deceptive mailers that promoted Tom Daly
SANTA ANA – Jose “Joe” Moreno, one of the two two candidates for the 69th Assembly District, is formally requesting that candidate Tom Daly, running for the 69th Assembly District, publicly denounce and disassociate himself from any involvement in a series of campaign literature, paid for by JobsPAC. 
Moreno believes these mailers were possibly highly deceptive illegal mailers and thus eventually suppressed and/or influenced many voters’ voting decisions.
Four of the known mailers were all seemingly mailed, delivered or addressed to quite possibly close to 42,946 of the 69th District voters, which would possibly be determined as over 171,784 potentials addressed targets. In addition, given that there are many mixed partisan household within the 69th Assembly district, the potential number of disenfranchised voters could be even greater.
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