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Councilwoman Martinez Eclipses $100,000 Fundraising Mark

Santa Ana, California – Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez raised over $100,000 between announcing her campaign in September 2011 and December 31, 2011. The figure includes $15,700 in loans from Martinez.

“Michele has gained the early support of people from all walks of life and throughout Orange County,” said Campaign Manager Lupe De La Cruz. “We have focused on raising money locally and our grassroots campaign is gaining momentum with each passing day.”

Martinez’s campaign has received early endorsements from ten current and former members of the California Legislature, the Majority of the Santa Ana City Council and community leaders throughout Orange County.

As a member of the Santa Ana City Council, Martinez currently represents around 60% of the newly configured 69th State Assembly District. She was first elected to the Santa Ana City Council in 2006 and re-elected in 2010. A strong advocate for public safety, economic development and education on the council, she chairs the Parks, Recreation, Education and Youth Committee and is a member of the Neighborhood Improvement/Code Enforcement Committee. Michele holds a B.A in Criminal Justice from California State University Fullerton and she is a product of Santa Ana High School and Santa Ana College. She works as the Director of Orange County Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative Obesity Prevention Plan.

Martinez is running for California’s 69th State Assembly District, which includes the city of Santa Ana and portions of Anaheim, Orange and Garden Grove. By population, the 69th Assembly District is the most Latino seat in California. Latino surname residents make up around 76% of population and compose over 50% of the electorate. Female Democratic voters hold a 6% registration lead over their male counterparts.


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8 thoughts on “Councilwoman Martinez’ Assembly campaign eclipses $100,000 in fundraising”
  1. I love Michele M. So much that I think I will obsessively occupy every damn post that her 100,000 dollars will buy. Peace out. To vote or not to vote?

  2. What is Michele’s opinion about the graffiti referenced on bike trail post? Hmmm, Graffiti? Tagging? Art or not real Art? Think amongst yourselves.

  3. “Graffiti? Tagging? Art or not real Art? Think amongst yourselves.”…. Hmmmmmm

    I have done just that mateo…. I was thinking.

    If the Graffiti/ Tagging was made 500 years ago it would be considered priceless art today!

    However, as were many Vincent van Gogh paintings descanted as a garbage, even by him, they are priceless today.

    The art has inherent time element to it and its evaluation is in the eye of the beholder.

    Martinez is absolutely correct in her opinion on Graffiti/ Tagging.

    As to “Councilwoman Martinez’ Assembly campaign eclipses $100,000 in fundraising?….

    Kudos to you Michele “Dancing Queen” Martinez.

  4. Fiala, did Michele and Claudia finally make peace? What a beautiful moment for Santa Ana politics. Is there really room for two Queens in this city?

  5. “Is there really room for two Queens in this city?”….. Hmmmm

    Yes mateo!

    If you remember your childhood, there is Cinderella and Princes (Queen).

    In the end one of them will change into a pumpkin pass the midnight.

  6. Didn’t they use to raise more than that for local city elections? Will $100,000 get you a seat in Sacratomato?

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