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Eric M. Alderete Widens His Substantial Fundraising Lead Among All Ward 3 Candidates

Santa Ana, CA – Chairman of the Santa Ana Planning Commission and candidate for Santa Ana City Council (Ward 3), Eric M. Alderete widened his substantial fundraising lead over all Ward 3 candidates. For the most recent reporting period from July 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012, Alderete raised $50,962 which is more than double the amount his closest competitor race raised. To date, Alderete has raised nearly $73,000 for his Ward 3 candidacy.

“I am incredibly proud of the support we have built over the last few months” said Alderete. “Our message of preserving public safety, improving the business climate and increasing transparency in the city is clearly resonating. Our clear fundraising advantage will propel this campaign forward and allow us to communicate our message to the voters from now to the election.”

Alderete’s campaign has received endorsements from the Santa Ana Police Officers Association, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association, Orange County Coalition of Police and Sheriffs, the Orange County Business Council, Senator Lou Correa, Assembly Member Jose Solorio, Santa Ana Councilpersons Sal Tinajero, Vince Sarmiento and Michele Martinez, and community leaders throughout Santa Ana. For a full list of endorsements visit

A strong advocate for economic development, public safety and education, Alderete is the Chairman of the Santa Ana Planning Commission and serves on the Board of Directors of the Santa Ana College Foundation. There, he has helped sustain the college’s Veterans Resource Center which provides academic counseling and guidance to military veteran students. Alderete holds a Bachelor of Arts and law degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He works as Vice President of a major Southern California company.


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12 thoughts on “Alderete leads the Ward 3 candidates in campaign fundraising”
  1. Eric is a nice guy, but only 14%($7,344) of that money that he has collected came from Santa Ana residents and businesses. The rest of the money is from outside investors who have nothing to do with Santa Ana. Red flag alert.

    Shane Ramon Barrows
    City Council Ward 3 Candidate

    1. For comparisons sake, can you share with us (1) how much money you have raised to date and (2) what percentage of those funds were contributed by Santa Ana residents and/or businesses?


  2. The Planning Commission should focus on Land Use Issues not how where an applicant knows how to run a business. They should also not worry about the other restaurants that are not in front of them asking to approve their projects. When did our planning commission lose sight of their mission?

    1. You forgot to mention that the Planning Commission is RACIST.

      Did you not get the memo? Let me know and I can add your email address to the list.

  3. I agree with Anon. Who are the Planning Commissioners to lecture our local business owners on how to run THEIR business?

    Can you please tell us who each Planning commissioner is and who appointed them? Love your blog and all you do for the great city of Santa Ana.

  4. I heard a rumor that Eric M. Alderete believes that white owned businesses should receieve the same treatment as Latino owned businesses.

    THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alderete and Mill are probably giving the Little Sparrow Fan Club the same treatment that the Latino businesses in Downtown got. Who knows what a lot of those businesses were told over the last couple of decades? We know that some of the restaurants had to endure Downtown renovation scaffolding in front of them for how long?, for how many months? at the height of the recession. Alderete and Mill are not Racists. They are being politically correct. Unless of course they said, “shhhh. Donate to what’s his name’s campaign.” That’s called extortion.

    1. mateo,

      Clearly you don’t know Alderete and Mill…They are RACISTS.

      Didn’t you get a copy of our memo? I am sure you can pick one up from Vicky Baxter or one of her many flunkies associated with Downtown Inc.

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