Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

A Garden Grove man who was walking his dog fatally shot a man who allegedly attacked him, at around 2:50 p.m. on Thursday at the 10000 block of Katella Ave.

When Garden Grove police officers arrived at the scene they found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Their investigation revealed that a fight had occurred that led to the shooting.

A neighbor, Sebastian Bona, called the police prior to the shooting to report a man they noticed who was sitting on the sidewalk and looked out of place. However before the police could arrive Bona saw a man who was walking his dog and pushing a jogging stroller walk up to the man and they then exchanged words.

When Bona heard the shots he ran to find that the man he had reported to the police had been shot and was bleeding.

Bona told KTLA News that the man is nice and he walks his dogs all the time.

The shooter told Bona “He tried to attack me, so I shot him.”

The victim was taken by paramedics to a local hospital where he died.

The shooter stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police investigators. Police officers seized his weapon.

It is not known at this time if the victim was homeless or if the shooter had a concealed weapons permit, according to the Garden Grove Police Dept. The investigation is continuing.

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One thought on “A man walking his dog fatally shot a man who allegedly attacked him in Garden Grove”
  1. A man walked up behind me and strangled to near death as I was walking back to my hotel in broad daylight On a city street. I woke up after being unconcious and was having convulsions as the suspect laid me down under a parked truck. When I was waking up I saw 5 black men sitting on the curb staring at me as if it was a side show. I got up gasping for air and ran to ask a woman and teenage son to call 911. They were hesitant until I told them what happened. Then the teen said he saw that. I told them they couldn’t leave the scene as they witnessed a crime. They cooperated. Because of this. I fully support guns as I wish I had one at the time, rather being able to use it or not, justice would have been served imediately

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