Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

I am hearing that there is a chance that Santa Ana Council Member Vince Sarmiento may not run for the 69th Assembly District after all.  Apparently it is going to be up to his wife – and as he has a successful law practice and young children she may in the end not go for it.

The incumbent legislator, Jose Solorio, is terming out – in 2012.  His open seat will be a rare opportunity to elect someone decent.  Right now the Democrats have the edge but that may change when the district undergoes redistricting.  The proposed plan seems to disadvantage Latino voters and it puts the GOP in a position to recapture a seat they once held, way back under Jim Morrissey.

The only other Democrat in the race right now is OC Labor Political Director Julio Perez – an unknown quantity who has never run for any other elected office.  As a labor proponent Perez is out of touch with most of the voters in the district, and he is part of a movement that has essentially bankrupted California, with out of control public pensions, early retirements, etc.

The election in the 2012 primary will be an open one – meaning voters will be able to vote for any candidate of any party.  That could make things interesting.

Let’s say Sarmiento demurs, and Perez is the only Democrat in the race.  The Republicans will no doubt run a white, overly conservative candidate.  That is how they generally roll.  But what if a white, progressive Democrat jumps in the race – one that is more acceptable to business interests?  And what if a Latino Republican jumps in to?

The Libertarian candidate could split the Latino vote, especially if he hails from Santa Ana.  Perez is from Anaheim.  He has only a small following in Santa Ana.

This could put either the Republican candidate or the white Democratic candidate in the cat-bird seat.

If the Democrats lose the seat, Solorio instantly becomes the new Jim Morrissey – the latest legislator to watch his seat go to the other party.

Could a Vietnamese candidate prevail?  I don’t think so, but perhaps we might see that happen in another few years.

I hope Sarmiento runs, but if he doesn’t this race might go in some very interesting directions indeed.

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9 thoughts on “What if Vince Sarmiento doesn’t run for the 69th Assembly District?”
  1. What is with you and the pinche Vietnamese? Admin. Why so partial? What do you mean if Sarmiento “demurs”. What the heck does that mean? I’ve got your white liberal candidate for you right here. I dont know if he has any business sentiments or skills though. Pinche business!

    1. mateo,

      Don’t you recall they already took our Supervisorial District? They have moved in to our city in large numbers due to the foreclosures. They will be a force in our city before long. I am OK with that except that too many of them are Republicans, which is no bueno.

      If you want to run for office, I think that would be great! Just stay clear of the Usual Suspects and the Amezcua cult.

  2. The councilman seem increasing uncomfortable. Maybe he will bow out and enjoy life with his family, like Mike did.

  3. Wow ” they” took over “our” supervisoral seat? They are moving in to foreclosed homes and taking over. That is an undeniably racist comment about Vietnamese admin.

    1. The seat was held by Lou Correa. Now it is held by Janet Nguyen – although Latino voters are the majority in the First District.

      As for the issue of the foreclosed homes, they are buying them, and I have no problem with that. I welcome these folks to our city. I just hope that at least some of them won’t be Republicans.

    1. junior,

      You on the other hand once compared gay marriage to marrying centaurs. And your pals in the Usual Suspects openly bash Mexicans at every opportunity. If you are looking for racists just go check out your Facebook Friends.

  4. Admin, a centaur is a mythical creature and Tardif’s comment is not racist as you cannot be racist against a mythical creature. But your comments about Vietnamese in general and Viet elected are decidedly racist. If fact, you are racist against anyone who isn’t Latino. If you don’t publish this statement here, I will post it at VOC or Navel Gazing. They don’t censor

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