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Failed Santa Ana Mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua strolled into Santa Ana City Councilwoman Michele Martinez’ meeting this morning, at the Corner Bakery located at the CityPlace, as if he owned the place.  He even refused to shake hands with a local resident at the meeting.

Martinez held the meeting to give those interested in running for local office in Santa Ana a chance to meet her, and to give advice to any residents interested in seeking public office.

Martinez’ fellow Council Member, Vince Sarmiento, also showed up.  Both of them had a lot to say about running for office and serving the people of Santa Ana.

Martinez pointed out the fact that the current City Council is dealing with a lot of problems created by past City Councils.  She brought up the overcrowded high density apartments in the Willard neighborhood as an example.

Amezcua is of course allied with the folks who created the Willard mess, and he had the nerve to complain today about transparency, etc.  But Planning Commissioner Sean Mill, who also attended the meeting, would have none of that.  Mill reminded everyone there that Amezcua’s allies are upset because they no longer run the city, but the current Council majority is progressive and is doing great things for everyone.

There were only eight people at the meeting, including Connie Hamilton, who started an organization called Connect to Council a few years go.  Hamilton complained that the current City Council is too partisan (they are all Democrats, except for Carlos Bustamante, who like Hamilton is a Republican).  I don’t recall her complaining about that when former Councilman Brett Franklin was serving on the OC GOP Central Committee.  In fact her ally, past Mayoral candidate Thomas Gordon, also serves on the OC GOP Central Committee.  None of the current City Council members serve on their party committees.

None of those in attendance said they were going to run for office, even Amezcua, who probably will run for Mayor of Santa Ana again.

David Saldana was there, from Taller San Jose.  He expressed an interest in running for Mayor.

There will be some opportunities coming up in 2012, for those interested in running for the Santa Ana City Council.  Sarmiento is running for the 69th Assembly District.  He will win that race easily and the Council will appoint someone to replace him on the Council.  Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez may be termed out although many believe that Measure D will allow her to run again for the City Council.

Martinez should be lauded for holding this meeting.  It is too bad that Amezcua crashed the meeting and tried to take it over.  It is a good thing Mill was there to make sure that didn’t happen.

Amezcua should hold his own meeting, perhaps at the home of his friend, Tom Lutz – a past Council member who created a lot of the problems our City Council is dealing with today.

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24 thoughts on “Alfredo Amezcua crashes Michele Martinez’ Santa Ana candidate meeting”
  1. Typical Amezcua! He figured he could walk in a take over the meeting. He thinks he and his thugs can bully their way into everywhere. If he shows his face next time look for him to bring more of his soldiers. Once a thug, always a thug.

  2. I sure hope that anon is not kidding around and Mr. Gallegos is really going to run for city council. Him running will show everyone with special needs that they can do anything if they try. Does anyone know of any other persons with special needs that have been candidates for public office?

    1. I think he lives in Ward 3. I cannot see him running as his pal Janet Nguyen won’t let him run against her ally, Carlos Bustamante. At any rate I would not support anyone who is affiliated with the Usual Suspects.

  3. What ever happened to Art’s pledge to not let this blog go negative? Another broken Pedroza promise?

    And please don’t tell us Sean Mill plans to run for SA City Council? That’s all Santa Ana needs: another Pulido stooge on the council with his hand out.

    1. Marley,

      The OC Register and the LA Times have op eds, why not us too? And if you want nasty, I suggest you look at the fake liberal blog in town.

      Mill is no stooge. He would be a great Council Member.

  4. Sean, were we even at the same meeting? You say “Hamilton complained that the current City Council is too partisan”. Look back on your notes. I asked Michele, during the question period, if partisan politics was ever an issue for the council members. Come to think of it, perhaps most the partisan politics and divisiveness is perpetuated from the blogs and you may have just proved my point. I work closely with all parties on the issues…Democrats, Republicans and Independents. And by the way, who cares who serves on which political committee? As long as people come together for the community and get things done, what does it matter?

    1. Connie,

      Yes it was an issue when Carlos Bustamante openly pimped for Van Tran last year. Luckily Tran lost.

      I mentioned your pals on the OC GOP Central Committee because that is the epitome of partisanship. They run their party!

  5. Connie,

    I did not write this post. I do not write for any blog. Your comment as I recall was something along the lines of wanting to see less partisanship from the council.

    I agree with you on that, Republicans, Democrats and others all need their streets paved, trash picked up and other essential services. I think I stated that at the meeting.

  6. Oh Gallegos isn’t running for anything. The guy is not a candidate Michelle got unhinged over an anon comment and called all over town which shows how gullible she is.

  7. Hey admin. Newsflash for you. Lap band Dan is getting ready to run for Irvine City Council. You heard it here first! What do you think of that?

  8. Now that’s an interesting tactic, hit a guy where he works (or where his wife does, since she’s the breadwinner). Can’t
    wait to hear the LOC cry foul on that one.

  9. kenlaysnotdead is so right…The guys at LOC would never allow an attack on someones family members. LOL!!!

  10. I will be holding my own candidate training seminars. As that Liberal OC blogger with Down’s Syndrome pointed out, I am the smartest man he knows.

    I will also hold seminars teaching you how to get fired from every job you get hired to. Besides mooching this is my real area of expertise. The first topic will be on the City of Westminster.

    Info will be available soon.

  11. Hey Choc can I be a guest speaker? I’ll talk about my area of expertise, signature gathering.

  12. I can help too count.

    I was thinking shilling would be good, but then I realized, since I live in LOs Angeles County……..Carpetbagging and disinformation would be a better subject for me. Unless there is a whining segment!

  13. Hey Loser,

    You can talk about whatever you’d like, just make sure you pick up my bar tab first.

  14. No problem. I have a cush job at the county (which I don’t even LIVE IN!!) I get to blog all day and pretend I’m working!

    Plus, I get COUNTY SPONSORED healthcare, which for me is a “life saver”!

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