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The Santa Ana Police Department’s decorated Strike Force, which acted as the city’s SWAT team, has been disbanded, by Acting Chief of Police Carlos Rojas, according to an insider who tipped us off this evening.

I am told that Chief Rojas is calling this a budget move but the truth may be more sinister.  Rojas called the Strike Force into a meeting recently and he told them essentially that they had not accomplished anything and that he had heard that they were talking about him behind his back. He told them no one at the SAPD thought the Strike Force was a good idea, which I am told is untrue.  He apparently also belittled them and their past successes.

These guys were effective enough that the customary ride-alongs with SAPD officers had become boring.  They took a lot of bad guys and guns off the streets.  If nothing else, the gang-bangers in town knew that these guys would get them if they stepped out of line.

Needless to say, all the time, training and effort that went into the Strike Force is now a complete waste.   Now you might argue that all of this was overkill to begin with, and you might have a point.  But the money was spent and now we have nothing to show for it.  

Activists are also calling on the SAPD to close the city jail.  While it is true that crime is going down, at least marginally, according to FBI reports, our new Daily Crime Report shows that there are still plenty of bad guys in our city.  We report all of the SAPD’s press releases and many of the OCDA’s press releases too. That public record also shows that terrible crimes continue to be committed in Santa Ana.

Click here to see a list of the SAPD’s Most Wanted Criminals.

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11 thoughts on “The SAPD has reportedly shut down their Strike Force/SWAT Team”
  1. Despite what the “statistics” may show, there are areas in Santa Ana, that are very dangerous today.

    There are also those that are very safe. But even those who live in the safe areas can attest to the “chopper noise” of police helicopters, the ever presence of dangerous characters in ALL parts of the city.

    I for one, NO MATTER how committied to a community would raise children in Center City, if I could afford to get out. Any reasonably educated person can see this is not a safe productive area to raise kids. You can pay the same amount and move to other parts of the city. Towensend street is a war zone.

  2. The Strike Force is only a small full time team. The SWAT team has not been disbanded, I don’t know where this guy is getting his info. Officers are needed in patrol so people like me don’t have to wait hours for police to come to my house and take a report. Have you call the SAPD for a simple report lately? They will take forever to respond. Its called ” needs of the department”, You get send where you are needed. This team arrested a lot of people and so the ordinary patrol officer. Look at Anaheim police. They disbanded all their “special teams” and send them back to patrol.

    1. Thanks. That is good info. I think all of these departments are having trouble paying their pension obligations. We are paying more for retiredcops than dfor those currently working!

    2. THANK YOU!!!! Get rid of those so called swat teams, all they do is kill innocent people, in santa ana for sure. wish we could get all that money we paid in to them and put it to good use,if tax payers are going to pay for them at least give them the correct title, “wanna be swat team/AAA” FOR ALL OUR KILLING AND TOWING NEEDS

      1. Why don’t you just let the city go to waste and stop calling the police then. Handle your own problems and if you ever get rapped, I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do yourself.

        1. “Handle your own problems and if you ever get rapped, I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do yourself.”……….. Hmmmmmm

          I would if you wouldn’t take my gun as per 2nd amendment you idiot.

  3. it seems to be that the bad cops out weigh the good cops. Who can we trust? I know Jason Hallstrom had a criminal back ground but he didn’t have any violent offences. Doesn’t make him a better person but it does make me think what if my kids had been playing outside and one of the cops stray bullets killed my kid. Over what! someone who didn’t threaten the cops lives with a weapon, but made a bad choice to run.I am a tax paying man who thinks that if we cant train our cops to make a call under pressure, then they should be held liable for killing innocent people

  4. Walter your statement would seem to represent a great majority of persons in law enforcement careers and those supporting them. Your suggestion is incredibly ambigouos; certainly Walt, you are aware that you cant have your cake and eat it too? Then again, no one is better at representing the double standard better than SAPD. Your mentality is truly scary. As a member of law enforcement, you have sworn an oath to protect and serve under the laws of this Country. How does it compute when law enforcement uses tactics that are illegal, excessive, and morally wrong to carry out their “duties”? The same tactics claimed to be criminal actions of the persons they are employed to apprehend? Hmmmm…..And since these persons are so educated and possess a superior insight and knowledge, equal to that of God, the entire justice system can be eliminated. Could you imagine the trillions of dollars saved from the unnecessary expenses associated with fairness and the safety of society? You represent a large percent of persons working in law enforcement that have no business in a position of authority, much less carrying a weapon, and lack any signs of rationality or common sense. Your statement expresses your belief that the community has a choice: law enforcement should not be forced to abide by the laws they are enforcing…if forced to be held accountable then we should all be responsible for our own safety? Walt I assure you, if you rape me, I will blow your head off with a single shot. However, I have no intention on bullying the streets of Santa Ana with intimidation and using lethal force on individuals that my judgment has determined to be undesirable or criminal. That’s what the justice system was founded for! To provide an opportunity to discover the facts and provide the person charged a right to dispute and prove their innocence and societies right to punish those proven guilty of a crime. Their is no profession or person without mistakes; however, mistakes can be forgiven when true in nature. That nature, if in question, should without question be examined and questioned in a court of law, equal in determination. What are you afraid of? You demand citizens to follow the laws and then shoot an unarmed individual? Walt, have the balls to declare a lawless community, where we are all armed, where we are free to impose the justice we feel fit instead of employing a badge entitling only you to use lethal actions. Are you starting to see the insanity of your cake eating ultimatum? Tiffany

  5. It takes people getting people killed to realize that a program is not doing the city any good but take tax payers money and flush it down the toilet. Jason Hallstrom was killed in broad daylight with out ever having a weapon, for what? This will try and get swept under the rug and everyone but Jasons family and friends will never ever forget about the day he was murdered by SAPD SWAT.

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