Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
Mayra Berenice Gallo

Santa Ana Police Department

Advisory: Update: Detectives Arrest Female Wanted In McDonald’s Assault Case,

Arrested: Mayra Berenice Gallo (24) Santa Ana

On 10-13-2018 SAPD released information/video requesting the media and community’s assistance in identifying a female suspect wanted in an assault that occurred on 10/27/18 at approximately 11:00 PM, at the McDonalds located in the 1500 Block of North Bristol Street.

After doing the story with numerous media outlets, Detectives received numerous tips leading them to the identity and location of the suspect wanted in this assault. Based on the information provided Detectives were able to obtain a $15,000 arrest warrant for suspect, Mayra Berenice Gallo (24) of Santa Ana.

On 11-27-2018, Detectives arrested suspect Gallo at her residence without incident. She was booked into the SAPD Jail on the Assault Warrant.

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6 thoughts on “The SAPD has arrested the woman suspected of flipping out at a McDonald’s”
  1. That same week this incident happened five murders also happened. Has the sapd arrest the murderers also ?

    1. Did the SAPD get a perfect picture of the murderers and actual video of the act? Probably not. I think everyone knew they were going to catch this woman with a head to toe picture of her, a close up shot of her face and video of the actual act. A little easier than finding a murderer. SAPD does not have superpowers to solve every murder, sorry.

        1. SAPD got the public’s help. They requested information and the public provided it. The public has yet to provide assistance in any of those murders. No one saw anything. You can’t compare apples to oranges here.

          1. Where you the one who called the cops when the 30 year old got killed on wisteria ? If the public didn’t help then why did they call the police for ? Did you know the shooting happened at 4 pm cops didn’t show up until 730 pm. Cops always gonfor gheblow hanging fruit. Don’t say the public ain’t helping in these nurses either. You obviously ain’t a Santa Ana resident.

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