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The family and friends of Isaac Gonzalez, a 15-year old TKO boxer who was shot and murdered by gangbangers in Santa Ana on March 25, is hosting a Kermes and Car Wash to help pay for his funeral expenses on April 2, 2017, starting at 7 a.m., at 2023 S. Susan St., in Santa Ana.

A Kermes is a what a Catholic religious bazaar is called in Spanish. It’s usually a fundraiser, often held at a church, where rides, games, music, dancing and food are available. In Santa Ana Kermes are often used to help local families to pay for funeral expenses and also to help to pay medical bills when someone becomes very ill.

The Gonzalez family also has set up a GoFundMe site where you may donate online, here. So far that site has raised just over $10K.

Friends said he was a good kid who loved school and encouraged his peers to join boxing. Gonzalez trained with TKO Boxing, a nonprofit gang prevention program, according to ABC News.

His coach said he was very disciplined, dropping 88 pounds in just a couple years and on track to get his amateur boxing license to compete. Gonzalez was also getting ready to get his amateur boxing license, according to Fox News.


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6 thoughts on “The family of slain TKO boxer Isaac Gonzalez is hosting a Kermes and car wash on 4/2”
  1. RIP young man. Prayers to his family and friends. We as a community need to figure out how to stop kids from joining gangs. Sounds like he was doing the right thing, joining the boxing program. More programs, sports, after school programs and activities, are needed to keep kids busy and they need mentors who care and help them onto the right path. I saw his boxing coach speaking on the news, if only there were more like him to inspire our youth. How many shootings has there been in Santa Ana, in 2017? It’s been happening too often. Where can one find the stats? Last year at this time there were over 60 shootings in Santa Ana. I wish Santa Ana could be the same for them, as it was for me, when I was a kid growing up in Santa Ana. My kids grew up here too. I always kept them so busy, there wasn’t time to get in trouble. My daughter’s a doctor now, I sent them to the Fundamental schools, and was very involved, I volunteered, helped their teachers, had them in cub scouts, I was a brownie and girl scout leader, they were in sports etc. I feel so bad for the kids and families having to grow up with so many gangs, must be so scary for them.

  2. Wasn’t he a “tagger”? What’s the difference between a “tagging crew” and a “gang”? They’re both doing illegal activities? Sad this kid died, but they’re making it seem like he was an angel. In no way do I think he deserved to die, but what was he doing out at 11 pm? Was he tagging?

    1. People will always come up with sometimes negative to say. The fact is a young man was killed innocently with such a bright future in front of him. May god have him in his glory

  3. First of all it wasn’t even at 11pm! It was still day time. During the evening. If you don’t know exactly what went down. Then there is absolutely no need for you to say things that aren’t!

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