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On Monday, Costa Mesa police officers were dispatched to a vehicle stop of a probationer who had four others in the car including a juvenile.

It turned out that the suspects were in possession of $10,000 and about 13 ounces of cocaine.

The suspects were all promptly arrested for possession for sales.

There are 28 grams in an ounce. A line of cocaine is perhaps 0.1 or 0.2 of a gram to multiple grams. So 13 ounces of cocaine is quite a lot of this illegal drug.

According to the World Drug Report, cocaine in the U.S. costs between $25 and $200 a gram, with typical prices checking in at about $112 per gram.

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2 thoughts on “The Costa Mesa police arrested four suspects who were allegedly selling cocaine”
  1. Was this article about an arrest or an educational blurb on how many doses contained in an ounce of coke?

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