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“The brutality suffered by Tyre Nichols in Tennessee at the hands of the very people sworn to protect the public is hard to comprehend, and our deepest condolences go out to the family suffering immeasurable grief at this time. It is a tragedy that challenges us to face, again, many of the questions we have grappled with over many years. How do we prevent this from occurring? How can we ensure safety and dignity for all people? How can the overwhelming professional law enforcement personnel and affected communities heal from these horrific incidents?

“The first step is to ensure the individuals responsible, and those who failed to intervene, face appropriate consequences as outlined by the law and due process. We have placed faith in our judicial system to hold all those accountable and measure them equally by the law. As we look to answer the questions above, what we can say definitively is that these acts witnessed by the country upon Tyre Nichols do not represent the values, principles and training of our Santa Ana Police Department personnel. California has some of the strongest laws and policies governing use-of-force in the nation. Our Department is a leader in de-escalation, intervention and rendering medical aid. The Santa Ana Police Department is proud of its commitment to these principles centered on integrity, decency and fairness to all. We will maintain that commitment moving forward.

“Again, our hearts go out to those directly affected by this incident, and we join with our communities in need of healing once more.”

  • Acting City Manager and Chief of Police David Valentin**Serving as Acting City Manager during City Manager Kristine Ridge’s absence. (Note – she is on vacation)

Here is Santa Ana Mayor Valerie Amezcua’s response to Nichol’s murder, as posted on her Facebook page:

Heartbreaking….No words can express the pain I felt watching the video and I do not know what to say to Tyre Nichols mother and family.

I am sorry, my condolences, praying for you and your family and I am pleased that the officers will spend many years in prison. They shamed the many good officers who wear a badge.

I have asked the city of Santa Ana to send out a message to all expressing our sadness for the family and condolences.

In related news, the National Action Network Orange County Chapter also responded to Nichols’ murder, as follows:


Orange County, CA – On behalf of the National Action Network Orange County Chapter (NAN OC), we stand in solidarity with and extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Tyre Nichols.

We strongly denounce the inhumane actions of the five former Memphis police officers who violated their oath to serve and protect but instead chose to brutally beat, kick, baton, tase, pepper spray and delay providing medical care for over 20 minutes, which ultimately led to the death of, another young black man. Although we commend the city of Memphis for their swift actions including disbanding its Scorpion Unit, we also stand in solidarity with the Memphis community and their demands for (1) the City to name all officers present at the scene and (2) release their personnel files immediately!

NAN OC is committed to ensuring that our communities are safe and when those who are charged with serving and protecting our community become a threat to our community instead, that they no longer have a place in our community or any other community – NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Our prayers are also with the people of Memphis and their leaders – may God’s peace keep you and may you be as wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove and always wiser than your enemies! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!

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One thought on “SAPD Chief Valentin responds to the murder of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police officers”
  1. The officers were not trained in proper apprehension techniques and appeared to be trying not to get their uniforms dirty. The driver of the vehicle ran, refused to obey police commands and resisted detainment. Stop defunding experienced police officers and stop hiring gangbangers into the police force. Obey police commands and stop fighting with law enforcement. Obey police commands or bad things happen when you make police officers jobs too difficult.

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