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Matricular Consular Card

Santa Ana residents will now be able to open bank accounts even if this is the only type of I.D. they have

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has announced a public briefing about what he is calling “Bank on Santa Ana.”  The event will be held at the Santa Ana Police Department’s Community Room on Thursday, Sep. 10, from 1 to 3 pm.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of Gov. Schwarzenegger and other community based organizations.

The city sent out an email message that provided further background regarding this program:

Half of all Californians do not have a savings account and one in five does not have a checking account. According the recent research conducted by the PEW Safe Banking Opportunities Project, there are 23,800 unbanked households in Santa Ana – (Profile ).

The Governor’s Office has asked Mayor Pulido to endorse the program in Santa Ana and have OCUW as one of its key partners. The program will also work in partnership with the Office of the Governor, financial institutions, financial regulatory agencies, community organizations and the Mayor. OCUW will convene partners to focus on helping unbanked Santa Ana residents open starter bank accounts and enter the financial mainstream. Financial institutions will look at improving access to bank accounts by providing no cost or low cost banking services, accepting international identification cards and providing financial literacy courses. This will enable Santa Ana residents to begin saving, protect their money, build a credit history, gain access to lower-cost sources of credit and build wealth and assets.

Thank you to Mayor Pulido for bringing this program to Santa Ana!

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One thought on “Santa Ana to launch new “Bank on Santa Ana” program on Thursday”
  1. I spoke with Roy Durnal yesterday who told me about “Bank on Santa Ana.” I lived in MA up unitl 4 years ago then moved to Northern CA and am now in Aliso Viejo. In MA I owned a bookkeeping business for 20 years but also taught bookkeeping & debt elimination courses as well as teaching basic economics(how to set up and maintain a checking account, how to work with a house budget and how to track loose change etc} with a transitional housing program for 5 years. I am signed up for the next “Money Smart” Train the Trainer Course but feel I could benefit you and your intent to get this off the ground prior to completion of the course.
    Please contact me by e-mail or phone 949-870-0035
    Brenda Hardiman

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