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Do you remember former SAUSD Trustee Nadia Davis?  She married Bill Lockyer, the California Treasurer, a much older man who has been involved in Sacramento politics for decades.  He was in fact first elected in 1973.  Davis-Lockyer graduated college in 1993, when she was presumably about 22 years old at the time, which means that she was born in about 1972.  So her husband was first elected to office, when she was about one year old.

Last year Lockyer helped Davis-Lockyer win a campaign for a Supervisorial Seat in Alameda County.  Now we know how much she had to spend to win that seat.  According to campaign finance forms filed late last month, the new District 2 supervisor spent more than $1.8 million on her campaign and easily beat her challenger — former state Sen. Liz Figueroa — to replace retired Supervisor Gail Steele, according to the Oakland Tribune.

To make this an even nuttier story, Davis-Lockyer ran against one of her hubby’s ex-girlfriends, Liz Figueroa.  We wrote about that previously.

In the end, Davis-Lockyer received 64 percent of the vote — 37,086 votes.  The spending numbers break down to $48.65 per vote, dwarfing the $6.81 Figueroa spent per vote and even outdoing the $43.25 per vote that failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, the former chief executive officer of eBay spent.

The outrageous amount of money spent by Davis-Lockyer came partially from her hubby, Bill, who personally donated $1.53 million to the campaign.  It was such a disgusting amount of money that the incumbent, Steele, who retired, endorsed Figueroa, even though she rarely endorses candidates.

Everyone involved in this tale, by the way, hails from the Democratic Party.

The big money campaign spending in the race — likely one of the largest amounts ever seen in the state for a county supervisor’s seat — caused the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to adopt a campaign-finance reform ordinance to regulate the way candidates for county offices raise money.

Click here to read Davis-Lockyer’s official bio, on her Supervisorial website.

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5 thoughts on “Nadia Davis-Lockyer outspent Meg Whitman, in her supervisorial campaign”
  1. fascinating. Don’t even know what to say. $1.8 mil? I bet she dittles the mexican poolboy. Same as Michelle Quinn.

  2. actually, as her ‘sis, I can attest to the fact that is 39 years old, works really hard for her looks (body and soul), and has the deepest commitment to improving the lives of others that I’ve ever seen…equal to my father’s….whom I know was and still is her inspiration. And, most of all all, for those of you who like to criticize the kind hearted who happen to also be beautiful, in love with and married to a certain notable man – she is most proud of her work for the alameda county da’s office as executive director of the acfjc, an entire reinvention of service delivery improving systems response and efficiency for victims of violence, has NEVER claimed to be a “prosecutor,” as her losers somehow now claim, admitted that her consultants made a mistake when thinking that being a lawyer (which is she has been since 1997) who works for a DA meant she was a deputy DA and ordered ending all references to that early on in the campaign, and most importantly, has run and won on what is Nadia Davis-Lockyer = a new voice who is passionate about improving the lives of others and modeling what she has done at the ACFJC for all county departments and programs – THAT is what resonated with voters (who would rather NOT elect a prosecutor quite frankly, so thanks for pointing out that she is not one – I encourage you to spread the word more.) Thanks, A Member of the Wally Davis Family

  3. I want to second the email above, which is spot on. Nadia is one of the most kind and sincere people you will ever meet; don’t let her looks get in the way. If she has a fault, it’s in overextending herself. As the Whitman campaign demonstrated, votes cannot be bought. If you followed the Alameda County campaign you know that it was dubious whether Figueroa even lived within the district. She also lacked credibility due to her neglect of properly paying her taxes. To be sure, it was not primarily a negative campaign on the part of Davis-Lockyer; her own achievements and message are what resonated most with voters. As an accomplished and independent person, her marriage to a fascinating older man rather than the hot pool boy is more testimony to her character than a count against it.

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