Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido personally intervened to save three jacaranda trees at Santa Ana High School, after he found out that the SAUSD School Board had approved the destruction of those trees and a number of historical deodora pine trees to pave the way for a new drop-off and pick-up area, according to the O.C. Register.

Pulido contacted the SAUSD School Board and tried to save the deodora pine trees at the site.  These were planted many years ago and have historic value.  Unfortunately the project was too far advanced.

It is sad that the SAUSD School Board and the SAUSD construction officials did not try to do their project without destroying these trees.

Perhaps in the future the SAUSD School Board will reach out to our city officials before they start destroying valuable community assets.

As one might expect, the Register’s racist readers exploded in awful attacks against Pulido, even though he did the right thing in this instance.

I am not sure how Pulido found out about this project but there are tennis courts next door that he probably plays at.

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5 thoughts on “Mayor Pulido tries to save historical trees at Santa Ana High School”
  1. as fast as you saved those trees …there was a baby (18months old)killed this week in your city that pays you big money…”help catch the killer”

    1. Genarro,

      Oh how the tables have turned! The hysterical historical goons have sued the city time and again to stop crappy dilapidated homes from being rightfully razed. Now they are upset because trees that truly are historical, at least by their age, are being saved. What a conundrum!

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