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Santa Ana, CA – Commissioner Mario Alvarado is proud to announce his candidacy for Santa Ana City Council, Ward 5. Born and raised in Santa Ana, Mario is a father of 3, a city and county commissioner, and a local business owner. His campaign has received strong early support, with endorsements from 20+ local officials, community leaders, and business owners. The campaign’s kickoff event on May 29 was attended by over 100 community members. 

“Our campaign is built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and accountability. I envision a city where every resident has access to safe neighborhoods, economic opportunity, and quality education. Together, we can build a brighter future for Santa Ana and create positive change that will benefit the community for generations to come” said Mario Alvarado.

Mario is a Santa Ana native, born to hardworking immigrant parents who are lifelong union members, and brings a deep history of community involvement and firsthand experience to his work. Educated in local public schools, Mario has spent decades coaching youth sports, immersing himself in the fabric of the community. His extensive background has equipped him with a profound understanding of Santa Ana’s unique challenges and opportunities, making him a passionate and informed advocate for the city’s future.

As a Cal State Fullerton alum and small business owner, Mario understands the importance of education, economic growth, and fiscal responsibility. He is dedicated to promoting policies that support small businesses, create more jobs and housing opportunities, and ensure that the city’s finances are managed responsibly.

Mayor Valerie Amezcua has endorsed the campaign, adding: “I am proud to endorse Mario Alvarado for Santa Ana City Council Ward 5. As a father, a long-time homegrown community leader, small business owner, and a working families champion, Mario is the only candidate in this race who is committed to building a better future for Santa Ana. Mario’s commitment to our children’s education, our community’s safety, our small businesses, and supporting affordable housing will improve the lives of Santa Ana families. Mario is the right leader for Ward 5.”

Santa Ana Community Leader Susana Rios is also endorsing the campaign: “Santa Ana residents need proven, hardworking leaders to face our city’s growing challenges. Mario Alvarado is exactly the representative that our neighborhoods need. As a city commissioner he’s been a strong, committed voice standing up for residents from all walks of life. His deep community roots make him the best choice for Ward 5. I ask that you join me in supporting Mario Alvarado’s campaign for City Council Ward 5.”

Early Endorsements: 

  • Valerie Amezcua, Santa Ana Mayor
  • John Stephens, Costa Mesa Mayor
  • Phil Bacerra, Santa Ana Councilmember
  • Kim Nguyen-Penaloza, Garden Grove Councilmember
  • Loren Gameros, Costa Mesa Councilmember
  • Christopher Leo, Santa Ana Planning Commissioner
  • Carl Benninger, Santa Ana Planning Commissioner
  • Winston Covington, Santa Ana Community Development Commissioner
  • Ana Padilla, Santa Ana Community Development Commissioner
  • Tim Rush, Santa Ana Historic Resources Commissioner
  • Irma Jauregui, Santa Ana Historic Resources Commissioner
  • Lorena Vidaurri, Santa Ana Environmental & Transportation Commissioner
  • Danny Vega, Santa Ana Police Oversight Commissioner
  • Susana Rios – Santa Ana Community Leader
  • Vidal Perez, Santa Ana Business Owner
  • Christian Martinez, Santa Ana Business Owner
  • Rosalva Olivarria, Santa Ana Business Owner
  • Nelson Martinez, Santa Ana Business Owner
  • Denise Reynoso, Santa Ana Teacher
  • David Reuter, Santa Ana Teacher

About Mario Alvarado:

Mario Alvarado is a native resident of Santa Ana, a father of three, a small business owner, and a Cal State Fullerton alum. Mario currently serves as Commissioner on the Santa Ana Environmental and Transportation Advisory and OCTA Citizens Advisory Committee. He previously served on the city’s Arts and Culture Commission.

For more information about Mario Alvarado’s campaign or to get involved, please go to MarioAlvarado2024.com.

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  1. Wow the Mayor even wrote a really generic endorsement statement for him using all the right buzzwords!!

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