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The lame Santa Ana City Council Majority want us to believe that Mayor Miguel Pulido forced them to hire current City Manager Paul Walters, but they were all there at the City Council meeting on May 21, according to the meeting minutes, when they discussed the appointment of Paul Walters, who at the time was the Acting City Manager, in closed session.  It should be noted that three Council Members were late to that meeting – Vince Sarmiento, David Benavides and Michele Martinez.

Those Council Members are now accusing Mayor Miguel Pulido of violating the Brown Act, but what were they doing arriving late to that May meeting – and walking in together to boot?  Did they have an illegal “pre-meeting?”

For some reason Sarmiento did not vote in that meeting for the Consent Calendar items – but the rest of them did and the items included a motion to direct the City Attorney to “prepare an employment agreement for City Manager.”  They voted 6-0 for that item!

When the Council later voted in June to hire Walters as the permanent City Manager both Martinez and current Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero blew off that meeting!  Martinez told the O. C. Register that “I was not very excited or happy that Miguel didn’t want to do a nationwide search when we had the opportunity,” Martinez said. “He forced Paul on us.”

Forced Walters on the Council?  Are you kidding?  Martinez and Tinajero didn’t show up to vote at that June meeting!  Now they are whining that the vote was forced on them.  They had a chance to voice their concerns in June and they took a pass!  You don’t get Mulligans when it comes to these votes Martinez!

Martinez also said that: “The reality is that maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith and bring in new people who can lead the city in a new direction,” said Martinez, who with Tinajero was absent for the June vote. She said that the city should have continued with a nationwide recruiting effort after the former city manager – David Ream – retired in 2011. Instead, she said that Pulido pushed the council to hire Walters,” according to the O.C. Register.

The Council voted unanimously to hire Walters.  And he saved the city from a horrible budget crisis that the Council and the previous City Manager, Dave Ream, created.  Now they want to can Walters because they are trying to punish Mayor Pulido.  This isn’t political leadership, it is sour grapes!

My sources also are reporting that Martinez is now running around saying that there are “secret” accounts in the Santa Ana Police Department.  Didn’t the cops support her in June when she ran for the Assembly?  She didn’t wait long to stab them in the back!  That seems to be her M.O.

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40 thoughts on “Has the Council forgotten that they voted unanimously to hire Walters?”
  1. Mayor Pulido carried out a very stately performance for the Counter-Revolution at the last council meeting.
    Do not count Michele out just yet.
    She did not look amused at all by Mondays Song and Dance.
    I wish somebody had a video with good audio of what she said to the Mayor before she exited the stage.
    The people deserve to know. Brown Act.

  2. The “CROOKED MAJORITY” is more like it.

    What a bunch of selfish posers. If you can’t be bothered to show up, then step down Michele.

    To think I once supported this moron.

  3. Hey Art,
    When do they show the re-runs of the council meetings? Are they on line?
    If not, why not?

  4. The cable channel shows replays thoughout the week and it is also on streaming on demand at the cities web site. To watch council meeting older than 2 years (?) you can check out the DVD at the library.

  5. Can you give tell me how Mr. Cook? I just want to see this last council meeing on line and can’t find the link. could you post it here?

  6. Go to the City of Santa Ana website.

    At the bottom is the “OPEN GOVERNMENT” link.

    You will find it there in many forms.

    But BEWARE: It is quite painful to watch. Fransisco Baragan makes Roman Renya look like Shakespere!

    It is hard to believe this guy ran for State Assembly. No wonder he came in last he does not even have the least bit of speaking skills. The whole silly hat thing too?? I have more respect for the lady using the translator, maybe he should try that instead of using words he could not pronounce. Three minutes of torture.

    I encourage all to watch the cowardly acts of the absent council members: Benavide’s, Azumeca, Renya and Martinez.

    1. Watch out Art. Martinez filed a statement with the LibOC lawyers and they are ready to take your house. Doesn’t look good amigo

  7. Actually, I am able to make more sense of the councilmembers being absent than Sarmiento and Tinajero sitting there and taking it all night.
    Are they not allowed to respond to public comments?
    What about at the end of public comments?
    Admin can you please explain to your audience the rules of council meetings and public comments?
    Signed, So Confused

    1. I believe they can respond and they get a chance to do so at the end of the meeting as well. However what could they possibly say? They have egg on their faces.

      1. Watch the video, Mayor Pulido asks POINT BLANK if any members would like to comment. Amazing show of cowardice by these stooges. Then Sal has the Audacity to get quoted as saying he was in disagreement.


  8. What happened to NEW SA BLOG to stay positive? This is a whole new low for you ART shame shame SHAME ON YOU !!

    1. LOL! You tell him Mateo!

      We are for the people of our city, not for any particular factions. The Council Majority lost our support awhile ago and they are doing nothing to regain it so far in this New Year.

  9. The unfortunate part, it’s this. If Walters get the boot and you are out, we have to fork the kickbacks in his contract. I am pretty sure these are good perks. I would think some medical benefits, PERS years added and couple years of salary. Do not forget he is a lawyer, no free work for you tax payers

    1. The Council negotiated this contract. No one held a gun to their heads. Now they are shooting themselves in the feet again and we’re paying for the ammo…

      1. Walters contract is one of the most affordable in the county.

        The council should be looking for a younger trainee who can start at the bottom of the pay grades.

        Walters has a 5 year contract with two 1 year extentions.

  10. That is why we have Coinspiracy A,B,and C!
    A)Springsters are petty jealous mob that want Pulido’s Head and Walter’s Head for ignorant resentful pleasure.

    B)Springsters know that Walters gets mucho bucks to be retired by the city. So maybe Walters and Council Majority arrange deal to put on show of discontent and then fire his wealthy ass. for More Walters Money.

    C)I forget what C was. Getting my Drink on early tonight.

  11. C) I just remembered what conspiracy C was. But Pulido will have my have my head on a platter if I say it. So I will shut up now. what happened to that portrait of Bustamante in the corner of Chapter One?

      1. Did Emily go to MEXICO with Pablo?

        It’s not lost on me that he continues to avoid that issue. Which is absolutely related to his character.

        Maybe Joe Hill can research this. I think he interviewed her for the LIBERAL OC during the election.Maybe he could call her or David for that matter.

  12. “My sources also are reporting that Martinez is now running around saying that there are ‘secret’ accounts in the Santa Ana Police Department”……… Hmmmmmmm

    That I believe!

    But running around won’t help her case.

    If she has reasonable allegation she should go to FBI.

    She even does not need to have any facts just believable story to start an investigation.

    Than, as usually they will all lie and will get fried for perjury.

    There always is one who will rat the others.

    However, the only way she can have any such info is via a “Deep Throat” or she may be setup.

    But I think she is street smart.

    It is all consistent with my Remote viewing (RV) predictions made earlier here.

  13. I know huh?. Benavides told me he was going to buy a painting from me, but he never did. He opted for “Dogs playing Poker” (print) instead. When is your Dude Pulido ever going to buy a painting from me? I want to do a whole Film Noir series of all the cast of characters, council members and Chief Walters. Seriously! That Chief Walters has some diabolical looking portrait shots floating around the internet. Like somebody found him inside a casket in some dark London Alley labeled “Transylvania”.

  14. Fiala, all of us Patriots already know about the SAPD- Homeland Security-F.B.I Secret Accounts.
    Why do you think that we encourage you to blab so much on N.S.A.?

  15. How funny and sad to see Sarmiento, a lawyer, say “no comment” at the end of a meeting where he gets chewed up and spit out by members of the public and a group 11 year old of Foklorico Dancers!

    1. I should add Teo, that you should paint Pulido standing in a glass of the urine and name it “The December 27, 2012” and put in on display during one of these art walks.

      It may be become priceless 100 later and it may sell for million$.

  16. That is not cool Admin. You have rearranged my insults of Fiala and his compliments of me. I have advised you many times not to assert too much ministerial authority. Pulido’s secretary will be giving you a call.

  17. You should see my room! It is all decked out with prototype posters of N.S.A. Pulido memorabilia. Alvarez Pieta sculptures, Bustamante receipts. Framed Oath Keeper TShirts Parking meters that I ran over with my S.U.V.
    and a casket that Alicia Rojas likes to lay in.
    Good night.

  18. Art,
    Who is leading the Gang of 5 and the “Santa Ana Spring”? At the last council meeting not one of them spoke up except Tinajero one time begging the Mayor to make them stop being mean. Then when it was time for their comments….Sarmiento pursed his lips like an old woman and muttered “no comment” and Mr. I’m the greatest Debate Coach and got Latino Teacher of the year Tinajero did the same.

    Also, did you catch the heavy set young gal from the occupy movement speaking for the Gang of 5? I hope she got extra credit from her Chicano Studies class at Cal State Northridge for attending.

    Where has Sean Mill been? I miss his comments and insights.

  19. What the Occupy lady should have got was a big fat pay check for mounting the only intelligent and reasonable defense all night for the Springsters.
    Faux Springsters you owe her.

  20. Occupy Lady is also a Santa Ana resident.
    She is currently working on her Doctorate in Group Psychology.
    she likes to study topics such as:
    Mob mentality.
    Fascist societies vs. Open Societies
    Social and Political Propaganda.
    Institutional corruption.
    I am pretty sure that she has N.S.A. figured out.

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