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Eric Alderete and Alicia Rojas

Our readers have spoken  and their choice for the 2012 Santa Ana Woman of the Year is the inimitable Alicia Rojas, the President of the United Artists of Santa Ana, an “organization committed to nurturing the growth and preservation of the Arts in Santa Ana by empowering the local arts community through initiatives focusing on economic partnerships, professional development and networking.”  Congratulations Ms. Rojas!

Ms. Rojas was also very actively involved with Santa Ana Occupy in 2012 and she helped stop the sale of the historic Santora Arts Building to Santa Ana Council Member David Benavides’ church, Newsong of Irvine.

Here are the vote results for the 2012 Woman of the Year:

Who is the 2012 Santa Ana Woman of the Year?

Total votes: 247

  • Cecilia Iglesias, SAUSD Trustee (27 votes, 10%)
  • Angelica Amezcua, Council Member/Teacher (17 votes, 6%)
  • Claudia Alvarez, RSCCD Trustee (23 votes, 9%)
  • Alicia Rojas, United Artists of Santa Ana (48 votes, 19%)
  • Sandra Pocha-Pena, United Artists of Santa Ana (41 votes, 16%)
  • Michele Martinez, Councilwoman (13 votes, 5%)
  • Karina Onofre, Council Candidate (18 votes, 7%)
  • Carolina Sarmiento, El Centro Cultural de México (25 votes, 10%)
  • America Bracho, Latino Health Access (13 votes, 5%)
  • Debbie McEwen, French Park/Santa Ana Coalition for Better Government (19 votes, 7%)
  • Janet Nguyen, O.C. Supervisor/First District (19 votes, 7%)
  • Audrey Noji, SAUSD Trustee (8 votes, 3%)
  • Nelida Yanez, RSCCD Trustee (4 votes, 1%)
  • Loretta Sanchez, U.S. Representative (29 votes, 11%)
  • Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana, Ph.D., SAUSD Superintendent (15 votes, 6%)
  • Erlinda J. Martinez, Ed.D. President, Santa Ana College (8 votes, 3%)
  • Evangeline Gawronski, Com Link/Catholic Charities (4 votes, 1%)
  • Jill Arthur, City of Santa Ana (3 votes, 1%)
  • Béa Tomaselli Tiritilli. OC Green Party/PSNA (3 votes, 1%)
  • Delilah Snell, Patchwork Festival/Road Less Traveled (21 votes, 8%)
  • Vicky Baxter, Downtown Inc. (9 votes, 3%)
  • Susan Mercer, SAEA/Teacher (8 votes, 3%)

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15 thoughts on “Our readers select Alicia Rojas as our 2012 Santa Ana Woman of the Year”
  1. Santa Ana is officially Occupied!
    Better call in the Feds.
    Or maybe we are the FEDS!!!!!

  2. I think there should be criteria for selecting “Santa Ana people.” I’m not sure if she resides in Santa Ana. That ought to be at the top of the criteria list obviously. I know, I know you’re going to hate me bla bla bla. That’s my input.

    1. I don’t disagree but the most important part is that they have an impact here. And this is where Alicia has made her largest impact. That said, the readers decide the winner. And Pocha was a close second!

  3. Heck, even Jill Arthur likes the United Artists of Santa Ana, not sure if she has completely warmed up to the idea of Occupied Santa Ana though.

  4. Editor:
    Any reason why Claudia’s candidate, Angelica Amezuca aka Angie Oliver, failed to fare better? I am guessing voters still don’t know her because she didn’t run a campaign and has missed 3 council meetings already. Now that Ward 3 has no rep, I hope Mr. Franklin is ready to serve.

  5. Make the recall happen Mr. Editor. She has no regard for voters b/c she was Claudia’s stalking horse.

  6. The Brown Act was designed to give the public MORE information, not less. It was not written to allow the Gang of Five to hide thier plans from the public. Thank you Mayor Pulido for shining the light on their activities and keep us informed.

  7. I too am concerned about Angie Oliver.

    First, out of nowhere she beats a better known and well financed opponent(s), which was kinda cool. But, almost right away, her husband (WTF??) starts throwing around legal speak here on her behalf. That was the first sign something was wrong.

    Then she makes a good showing at Bowers and smiles for the camera’s when all of a sudden Abra Cadabra…She’s gone.

    Ward three is full of influential voters. It is also home to several qualified canidates (regardless of politics), if can not or will not serve in her elected capacity she should step aside.

    At the very least she needs to begin communicating better.

    Sure it may be only a month into things, but the residents deserve better, even if she is just pretending like Michele!

    Unless this is all part of a political plan which was hatched over boddingtons at Hankey’s!

  8. Boddington’s at Hankeys?
    Dang Bro or Sis.
    That goes back a long way.
    But you can buy Mateo
    a pint at The Old Ship
    and tell him all about it!
    Do these Hankey’s Master Planners still hang out?

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