Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Not only was Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez the driving force behind the ouster of Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters – my sources are now telling me that she has apparently turned on the Santa Ana Police Department.

I am hearing that Martinez is trying to get rid of the SAPD Strike Force – the heroic police officers who helped stem the tide against gang violence and drug dealing in our city.  She blames them, I am told, for the arrest of her half brother, a few years ago, during her failed campaign for Mayor.  She blames Walters for that arrest too, I am told.

I am also hearing that Martinez has openly accused Walters of having her followed.  That is laughable!  If she was guilty it would be the Feds following her!  And given what appears to be her wanton disregard for the Brown Act it can only be a matter of time before she does get busted.

Speaking of the Feds, my sources tell me Martinez is also trying to outsource the 100 union jobs at our Santa Ana jail.  However this won’t save the city any money as they make money by leasing space to the Feds.  By contract if the city lowers their operational costs they will also have to lower their lease fees to the Feds.

Will the rest of the City Council continue to allow Martinez to speak for them?  And to destroy our police department?

By the way – many thanks to our readers who have been sending in pictures and videos of Martinez and her City Council colleague David Benavides.  Please keep them coming!

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24 thoughts on “Has Council Member Michele Martinez declared war on the SAPD?”
  1. “If she was guilty it would be the Feds following her”
    You are a Nim Kum Poooop!
    If she were guilty of what?
    She is most certainly claiming that the SAPD are following her because she innocent,
    and not guilty of anything except politics.
    The police will probably be hacking her facebook soon and writing a Manifesto on her behalf.
    Don’t you just know it.
    Also, i liked your Orange Juice article from a few years ago I just found.
    Federal Housing HUD grants being used by the police and city to purchase police helicopter time. NICE!

  2. Interesting infomation on best and worst run cities in the nation.

    The top 20 worst run cities in America.
    1. San Bernardino, Calif.
    3. Stockton, Calif.
    6. Modesto, Calif.
    7. Fresno, Calif.
    12. Riverside, Calif.
    15. Santa Ana, Calif.
    > Population: 329,405
    > Credit rating: Baa1
    > Violent crime per 1,000 people: 4.00 (21st lowest)
    > Unemployment rate: 13.7% (tied-11th highest)
    Santa Ana’s unemployment rate of 13.7% in 2011 was significantly higher than the 8.9% unemployment rate across the country. Less than 55% of Santa Ana’s residents aged 25 and over had a high school diploma, and under 10% of all residents had at least a bachelor’s degree, making Santa Ana the least educated among the 100 most populous cities. Santa Ana is one of the few cities to not have an investment grade credit rating on its bonds by Moody’s. Moody’s noted that while the city has had two years of surpluses in its budget, it has little in emergency reserves. The agency also points out that the high unemployment played a role in a weaker rating.
    18. Sacramento, Calif.

    California scores 7 out of twenty of the worst run cities in the nation.

    Best run cities. 3 out of 20 for California
    3. Irvine, Calif.
    5. Fremont, Calif.
    11. San Francisco, Calif.

  3. I’m surprised this video of Councilwoman Martinez fighting did not surface when she was running for office? Did New Santa Ana have to pay a lot for it? So sad to see her fighting like that. I thought she was more mature!

  4. Why would a happily married man and Father of young kids be out at places like Chapter One without his wife?

    Funny how NOBODY wants to ask Councilmember Benavides about his marriage???? “It’s private” they say..really?
    I find this telling his supporters and curious as to why?

  5. “I am also hearing that Martinez has openly accused Walters of having her followed. That is laughable”…….. Hmmmmmmm

    Not to long ago you Pedroza have been making same claims in your posts, stating that the SAPD is following you.

    So I do not know what is so laughable about that.

          1. You know Fiala you seem to have quite a crush on Michele – you like our women don’t you? Yet you constantly bash Mexican immigrants. You are such a riddle Fiala!

  6. Martinez is right because I have identify the SAPD13 death-squad as early as 2006 but then she was stupid. Now she is maturing.

    As I have pointed out earlier it will be Walters and Pulido who will be arrested.

  7. Martinez is only council Santa Ana member with the balls.

    Unfortunately, disregarding my advise, she invested too much of the political asset into the Trojan Horse Candidates like you and Mill.

  8. Michele Martinez needs some help.

    this whole “Mom’s Birthday” speech was over the top.

    I would love for a non-partisan independent person to ask other on the council if they think this behavior is appropriate for a city council facing the challenges Santa Ana does.

    It seems as if there are the supporters and the non-supporters and non consideration of reason.

  9. I think she looks pretty repectable in the video of her above but I’m surprised she allowed this cell phone vid of her getting jumped in to leak out. Has she ever entered the Octagon? I think she has a future there.

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