Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

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The Orange County grand jury is planning two more reports on CalOptima, the county’s health plan for disabled, low-income and elderly residents, whose oversight by the Board of Supervisors was the subject of a highly critical report last month, CalOptima CEO Michael Schrader said Thursday” according to the Voice of OC.

Here a few more key excerpts from the Voice of OC:

Among its recommendations, the grand jury urged county supervisors to appoint more than one of its members to the CalOptima board. Currently, only Supervisor Janet Nguyen serves on the board. She engineered a complete restructuring of the CalOptima board that left it, as the grand jury noted, with no member who served longer than 20 months and most who have been there less than a year.

In the wake of Nguyen’s changes and related upheaval, 16 top and key executives left CalOptima for jobs in private industry or with other government organizations. According to the grand jury, a “CalOptima board member [Nguyen] and two CalOptima [staff] lawyers have been disruptive and created an atmosphere that according to current and former CalOptima employees is ‘unsafe for senior executives.'”

This is an early Christmas gift for RSCCD Trustee Jose Solorio, who will surely use this outrageous scandal to beat Nguyen when they face off in 2014, for the 34th State Senate District.

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