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Downtown Inc. is still trying to control the future of a proposed Farmer’s Market in Santa Ana.  They are hosting another community meeting to ponder the idea.

Here is the message they emailed to their supporters today:

Everyone is welcome. Your participation is wanted!

Hello Downtown Santa Ana Farmers Market Think Tank!

Gillian and I at OC Food Access look forward to facilitating the first of four meetings to help the community identify:
  • Farmer’s Market Stakeholders (Organizations/individuals involved in or affected by a successful farmer’s market in our community) and their Needs
  • Aspects of a successful farmers market in our community
  • Local Leadership (that’s you!) that can move the market idea forward

Here are the details for our first meeting. Please forward this email to anyone who’d like to participate. Please see our 1st meeting’s agenda attached.

Date:          Monday, November 12, 2012
Time:         6:30-8:30PM
Location:   Memphis at the Santora  (open for meeting attendees only)
201 N. Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92701
Please Bring:

  • Potluck food or drink to share with 12-20 people
  • Completed Resource-Availability_Worksheet (see attached)
  • Your thoughts on these questions:
  1. Who are the stakeholders of a downtown FM?
  2. What are the stakeholders’ commerce needs?
  3. What are the stakeholders’ community needs?

PLEASE RSVP HERE by adding your name

To join the Facebook page click HERE
To add your info or someone else’s to the Google Docs Contact List click HERE.
Click here to read the meeting agenda.
Thank you so much for your passion around access to healthy food and Downtown Santa Ana’s community and commerce!

Miré Molnar

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7 thoughts on “Downtown Inc. still trying to control the next Santa Ana Farmer’s Market”
  1. Where did it suggest that this Farmer’s Market was being coordinated by Downtown Inc? The letter says it is from
    Mire Mornar of “O.C. Food Access”. Maybe it was sent to Downtown inc. as one of the recipients?
    The Downtown Farmers Market is not supposed to be a Downtown inc. operation. That was established at the community meeting at Grand Central Gallery almost a month ago.

    1. But it was none other than Archer Alstaetter who forwarded this email. The recipients of the forwarded message were DTI people for the most part.

    2. Established? No. Doing their own market, yes. Supporting the OC Food Access group and the community farmers market, yes.

  2. If the vendors don’t make money on their investment, they will leave and a farmers market will cease to exist.

    Seems to me that some of the more vocal complainers have no skin in the game and are here / there for personal ego’s.

    The business plan of the last farmers market did not succeed and therefore should not be adopted for any future farmers market.

    1. Get you friggen facts straight! NOT DTI! They are moving forward with their own market. DTI was approached by those from OC Food Access and Memphis and asked to participate in the community farmers market. Ha! Poor research and lots of assumptions. Wrong!

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