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“The City of Santa Ana has received an application for the Park View at Town and Country Manor project, proposing to construct additional structures and facilities within the existing Town and Country Manor campus. The proposed project would add 174 independent living units to the existing campus. Also constructed would be a new expanded entry lobby, a covered pool area and fitness center proposed within an aquatic and wellness center, modifications to the existing parking lots, and creation of a main entrance driveway, connecting the two existing entrances on Memory Lane and Lawson Way and having one lane in each direction,” according to the City of Santa Ana’s Planning and Building website.

The Santa Ana Planning commission was presented with an environmental impact report for this proposed EIGHT story building for assisted living to be built next to the current Town and Country space. You can read the entire report online at this link.  The site is not far from the CityPlace center.

As one might expect, this project is going to have a big impact on local traffic:

Impact 4.6 -1. The project would cause an increase in traffic, which is substantial in relation to the existing traffic load and capacity of the street system (i.e., result in a substantial increase in either the number of vehicle trips, the volume to capacity ratio on roads, or congestion at intersections). The project would exceed, either individually or cumulatively, a level of service standard established by the county congestion management agency for designated roads or highways. (S) [CEQA Transportation and Traffic Thresholds.

And what will this project do to our already strained water supply?  The City’s EIR says there will be no impact.  That is very hard to believe!

The proposal involves a huge property directly across the park and across the street from the already approved (but yet to be built due to the economy) high rise building. The full color proposal (which was about 200 pages) was presented to the Planning Commission and questions regarding public approval and knowledge were immediately dismissed since this is an environmental impact study.

I have been told that this project and the high rise really make the area look like a downtown Los Angeles area.

The parking for the building only allows for one space per unit and will definitely impact the surrounding locations.

The property also runs right up to the property line, as the developer is trying to “maximizes the space”.

The City of Santa Ana admits that “The proposed project differs from the allowable uses of the current zoning code and maximum density allowed by the General Plan. A zone change will be required.”

Contact the Santa Ana City Council via email by clicking here.  Don’t wait.  Do it now or this project is going to go forward.

The Santa Ana Planning Commission meets on: the 2nd & 4th Monday, at 5:30 p.m., at the City Council Chambers, located at 22 Civic Center Plaza, in Santa Ana.  Click here to see a list of the Planning Commission members.

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One thought on “Developer wants to turn Park Santiago Neighborhood into Los Angeles”
  1. Good gosh you people. City Planning my foot. Money grubbing is most likely. I have lived in Santa Ana since my birth (1945) and I
    am horrified at the miserable changes that you expect us to accept
    as “progress” or “social improvement”. My family has had to move
    to times to get away from the so-called progress. I didn’t mind moving for the, then new, Santa Ana Public Library but I did resent leaving a once beautiful neighborhood on Owens Drive (now Memory Lane) for the new shopping/residential calamity now in place. It is not the lovely architectual presentation that was brought to our Park
    Santiago Neighbordhood Assoc. for approval. It all looks like cheap cracker box (future) slums. No wonder they aren’t selling. I suppose I will catch heck for speaking my mind but I really sick and tired of all the “games” and out right lies that the City of SA throws at us. I love the neighborhood I live in and hope that you City Council, Planning Dept. and Project Developers leave us alone. You can’t find residential neighborhoods like ours anywhere, except Orange. City’s keep tearing them down to make way for “Projects”.

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