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SANTA ANA, Ca. (August 19, 2020)The Orange County Sheriff’s Department would like members of the public to remain vigilant as investigators have seen an increase in thefts from distracted shoppers. 

Recent investigations show an increase in wallets and personal property being taken from purses while unsuspecting victims are distracted.  In most cases, victims are followed through a store until the theft opportunity presents itself.  

The sheriff’s department is urging members of the public to maintain control of their personal property while shopping.  If you are unable to maintain personal control of your property, consider zipping your purse closed and use the strap or a clip to secure it to the cart. Thefts of this nature tend to occur at grocery stores, home improvement stores, drug stores and membership warehouses.

In addition to thefts from purses, property crimes are on the rise county-wide.  As a reminder, set car alarms, secure vehicles, do not leave property of value in vehicles and never leave anything visible that may be enticing to thieves. 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will continue to be vigilant in safeguarding our community. 


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