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Get ready for Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez‘ biggest fundraiser yet, on Thursday, February 23, 2012, from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.  Martinez is the leading Democratic candidate for the 69th Assembly District.  She now has the support of Santa Ana’s leading elected officials, including Host Committee Members Assemblymember Jose Solorio, Mayor Miguel Pulido, Councilmember Vincent Sarmiento, Councilmember David Benavides, Councilmember Carlos Bustamante, and Councilmember Sal Tinajero.

The event will be at the Historic Borchard House, which is the home of Council Member Sarmiento and his wife Eva, at 1617 E. 4th Street, in Santa Ana.  There will be Hors d’oeuvres and Refreshments served.

Contribution Levels: Gold Sponsor $2,500● Silver Sponsor $500 Bronze Sponsor $249 ● Individual $100.00● Other $.

RSVP at your earliest convenience to or call 714-564-0130.

Checks should be made payable to: Michele Martinez for Assembly 2012 FPPC ID# 1340956 and mailed to Michele Martinez for Assembly 2012, 310 W. 3rd Street, # 1018 Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Contributions can also be made online a:

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10 thoughts on “Councilman Sarmiento to host a fundraiser for Martinez on 2/23, at his home”
  1. I’m surprised Republican Bustamante is supporting a Democrat. That’s what I call reaching wayyyyyyyyyyyy across the aisle!

    1. I think he realizes Michele is going to win. Might as well be on the winning side for once. His support for Van Tran against Loretta Sanchez backfired on him…

  2. ¿¿Martinez is the leading Democratic candidate for the 69th Assembly District??

    Here is what real respected reporters are saying:

    Orange County labor leader Julio Perez established front-runner status last weekend in the race for the 69th District Assembly seat, gaining a majority of delegate votes for a party endorsement at February’s state convention in San Diego.


    Bustamante is part of the Pulido machine and don’t like that Julio wants to jump in ahead of the promised seat to the other council members. Julio is a threat to the Pulido machine. Sal and Vincent were smart enough to get out of the way.

    1. Are you kidding? Norberto’s website was paid for by the OCEA. Of course he is pimping for Julio! What a joke.

      Julio is a threat to taxpayers and jobs. He is a socialist!

  3. Joke? you got a banner of Michele on this story.

    You get paid by the Pulido machine.

    Norberto atleast has the journalistic integrity to check his facts.

    1. Really? Well I have a right to sell ads to whomever I want to. Or donate them.

      What is your issue with Pulido? He is part of an All-Latino City Council majority that got rid of Dave Ream and his crooked staff and dumped the anti-Latino Usual Suspect City Commissioners.

      As for the Voice of OC, they are headed by a lobbyist – Joe Dunn. Their board is made up mostly of trial lawyers and two Schwarzenegger Republican power brokers. And the Voice of OC gets free rent courtesy of the OCEA – the union that donated $140 K to start their operation. Even liberals think the Voice of OC is nothing more than a lame OCEA tool.

      And for a good laugh check out the Voice of OC’s so-called Community Editorial Board.

  4. The Pulido machine led us to where are today in the city. He & David Ream are team, can not separate the both.
    The police and fireman contracts were pushed through by the Pulido machine. That our council members never open up the reports given to them by city staff is another. They can’t use the excuse that Ream said the budget was good, so the believed it. None of them, ever open or take the reports in binders given to them by city staff. They take the staffs word for it. That is why we are in this mess. They were voted in to over look this, protect us and their incompetence is embarrassing. I like them all as people, but none of them, including Michele are up to the job.

    Please before you excuse Pulido, please explain how many times the city has re negotiated the fireman and police contracts since he was in office. And then the council turns around and make the chief of police city manager. help me Pedroza, please help me understand.

    1. You’re out to lunch. Those past Councils that passed those contracts were mostly Republicans. That is BS about the binders. It is flat out libel.

      Michele in fact has been questioning this mess for some time – and even ran for Mayor. And it was Alvarez who finally pushed Ream the hell out of city hall.

      Walters has done a fine job as interim city manager. The city budget is almost in the clear. I have no problem with him. And if he gets the appointment full time it is very likely we will have our first Latino Chief of Police. I am guessing you will complain about that too.

  5. mmmm…so how did we lose all that money? its incompetence.

    Not mad at Walters, but its the police contracts, that jacked us. Where are his loyalties? how will he bend in negotiations? Your mad at Julio, for helping working families and yet give Walters a pass?

    BTW, you can make Ream the scapegoat all you want, nobody is buying it. The Pulido Machine can’t cleanse itself of this.

    1. Julio helps working families? A big lie. He only shills for unions. Most of our residents DO NOT WORK FOR UNIONS!

      Pulido may have gone along with Ream – but our current Council majority, which includes Pulido, got rid of him and his staff. They are cleaning house. If you cannot see that then you sir are blind!

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